Sex Addiction goes mainstream

First there was "Sex Rehab" on VH1, and now today we have Rehab (and Dr. Drew) appearing on Oprah! Really amazing stuff. "Sex Rehab" is a fascinating show and I'm glad to see it receiving mainstream attention.

I can relate to it. I've struggled with dysfunctional relationships in my own life, and I've seen the ravages of addiction in our society, on the news, in advertising and in my community. I hope this new exposure will open the door of healing and transformation for addicts that aren't aware of their addiction, or aware that there is a different way to live.

As I watched I decided to take some notes on Oprah's show to share with you here. Most of these facts and perspectives come from Dr. Drew and the guests on the show:

Sex Addiction:

Sex addiction is harder to deal with than drug addiction.
One orgasm releases as much dopamine in a person's brain as one alcoholic drink.
At it's core, it's about your sense of value and how you relate to yourself.
Sometimes it's a way to feel power over others.
Sex addicts often feel unlovable.
When children become sexual at a young age, Dr. Drew says it's from chaos in the home.
Most addicts seek recovery when suffering with consequences and feeling a loss of control
About 80% of partners of sex addicts will stay with the addict.
It takes 3 to 5 years to treat sex and love addiction

Love Addiction:

...is more common in women
It's an intimacy disorder
The people that terrorized us in our childhood become our fixation in our adulthood.
A love addict can't tolerate intimacy
The person becomes addicted to the feeling of being in love.
One of the symptoms is obsessing over a love interest - making the guy or girl your everything.
If rejected, the addict becomes suicidal or severly depressed; can't work or function.
If you're in a relationship with someone who doesn't respect you, there is an element of addiction involved.
Addiction requires interpersonal and spiritual experiences to heal.
Humans need intimacy; it's a basic need.
There are so many social networking sites (like this one:), and everyone's talking.. but there's no REAL intimacy (I thought this was an interesting observation!)

So that's it. For more info check out Dr. Drew's site!