Jupiter and Venus in Leo

If you look into a clear, Western sky tomorrow at sundown, you will see two lovely stars sitting close to each other in the twilight. They are Jupiter and Venus, and are forming a perfect conjunction in Leo right now.  Venus (Love) has been chasing Jupiter (Fortune) for weeks and has finally caught up with the giant King planet. By tomorrow they appear as one star, depending on your location.

This is SO auspicious for love, art, prosperity and general well being. Venus and Jupiter are two of the "positive" planets or "benefics". They bring ease, comfort and abundance wherever they transit a person's chart. The fact that they are forming "one star" is a significant blending of these two positive forces. The conjunction occurring in the sign of Leo fuels the positive, heart centered vibe. This is an epic event and will continue for the next few months.

Leo is ruled by the Sun (another benefic) and awakens the heart. It enhances romance, art, self expression, money, leadership and healing. Leo shines. Business, romance, creativity and performance are highlighted. Jupiter and Venus are also forming a trine or positive angle to Uranus in Aries, which can bring surprises and sudden events. Uranus is the "genius eccentric" and inspires ground breaking creativity. This aspect further expands the love/philosophy vibe from Venus and Jupiter. Whatever you start right now will increase.

Source image : The Alchemical and Rosicrucian Compendium ca. 1760.

From the Cosmic Intelligence Agency:
"During this Jupiter 20° Leo and Uranus 20° Aries trine, Mercury 9° Gemini 9° square Neptune 9 ° Pisces, and Mars at 29° Gemini makes an awkward aspect to Saturn at 28° Scorpio the inconjunct 150°. The trick is always to layer transits by their effect in your natal chart, which ones are hitting off natal degrees and angles.
Jupiter and Uranus - ignite the area of change and expansion
Mercury and Neptune - add a sense of confusion, faith and believing in outcomes is required, and a re-imagining
Mars and Saturn - It's like the brakes are on, but they are on for a reason, so don't fly off too fast. Some things are just not in place yet.

According to Copernicus in "De revolutionibus orbis", Hermes Trismegistus called the sun a visible god - the alchemists equated the sun with gold, the purest of metals, which represented the perfection of all matter, material and spiritual. The sun has been an important object of worship throughout the ages and in various cultures. We will be offering you images based on "Signs & Symbols of the Sun" by Elizabeth S. Helfman, New York: The Seabury Press, 1974, a book which presents images of the sun from the Sumerians and the Egyptians to the Indians and Inuit.

Astrologers believe that the sun passes through different constellations of stars every thirty days in the year. The twelve constellations have signs known as signs of the zodiac. Astrologers say that a person’s life is influenced by the sign under which he or she was born. The sign Leo, the lion, in the last third of July and the first two thirds of August, is governed by the sun itself. Leo is a fiery sign; orange is its color, and the metal associated with it is gold. Just so, the alchemists associated gold with the sun. To the astrologers the sun is a symbol of power and good fortune."


Mercury Direct today!

Mercury turns Direct today at 3:32pm. If you've had a rough three weeks, things will be changing direction for the better, especially if you are a Gemini or a Virgo!

This week is still in flux though. When a planet changes direction in the sky it appears to stop and hover above us. If you were to watch Mercury through a telescope this week, it would appear motionless. When a planet "hovers", it's presence is magnified. Since Mercury rules communication and understanding, you can expect the Truth to be popping up in conversations. The air will be cleared and situations will reset themselves.

This event is heightened by the planet Neptune which is also slowing down and going retrograde tomorrow night. Neptune rules feelings, so if something doesn't feel right, Mercury will make sure you speak up!


Stephen Curry: Astrological Chart

As I'm sitting here watching the Warriors do battle with the Cavaliers, I'm struck by the accurate and lightning fast moves of Stephen Curry! His body to mind connection is top flight. You can see him sizing up a situation in a split second and taking sudden action. So I'm curious, what does his chart look like?

Very interesting!

Born: March 14, 1988 at 1:51 pm in Akron, OH
Sun in Pisces
Moon in Aquarius
Rising is Leo
Earth Dragon born in the hours of the Sheep

That's a LOT of intuition! Aquarius and Pisces are both ruled by outer planets, bringing an out-of-this-world attunement to higher vibrational levels.

Curry's Aquarius Moon is ruled by Uranus, giving him the ability of Science. He's able to disconnect from his emotions and think in a purely strategic, scientific and inventive way. Plus Aquarius is the sign of genius and originality. It also gives him the lightning fast reflexes.

His Sun in Pisces gives him psychic ability. He's able to sense what the other players are doing and take action in a split second. He can "feel" his way through a game using his strong intuitive abilities! And he's slippery like a fish.

The Leo Rising gives him his star quality and athleticism. Jupiter currently transiting his First House expands his visibility and recognition by the public - which is what the sign of Leo lives for since it's the sign of the superstar.

His Chinese sign of the Dragon gives him huge good fortune, and the Sheep side is again associated with genius and sensitivity! He's just born to stand out and excel.

Thought for the Day

Treating yourself like a precious jewel will make you STRONG.

Never feel bad for putting yourself first and doing what is right for you.

Cullinan, Star of Africa. Largest diamond in the world.


Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius at 9:19am Pacific

Current Planets
2-Jun-2015, 15:54 UT/GMT

Today's Full Moon has the themes of Communication and Freedom Drive woven into it (see astro map below). The planets Mercury and Mars are flanking the Sun in Gemini as it opposes the Moon in Sagittarius (and Saturn nearby at 0 degrees). This brings the feeling of wanting independence and freedom but needing to face the realities behind our desires. The three planets in Gemini are also trining the North Node in Libra, giving us a glimpse into the future.

Best advice: Don't rock the boat today and don't call anyone from the past. Focus on the future and avoid social complications this week, especially today! Don't confront authority figures today either. Drive the speed limit, get home safely and spend the evening planning your dreams and goals.

Mercury is Retrograde until June 11th, so now is the time to move slowly, reassess your life and make a solid, accessible plan you can achieve. Forget spontaneity, there's no rush right now, even though Mars is telling you otherwise. With Mercury and Saturn retrograde, there are loose ends to tie up before moving forward.