The Astrology of 2010 July / August Grand Cross!

There's a HUGE event coming on Friday... if you have a minute listen to what this English astrologer says it's very interesting.


The Lion - Summer horoscopes 2010

Yay it's SUMMER and time for Leo the Lion!

Well... that's IF you're outside of San Francisco. Our summer doesn't come for a couple of months and it's been FREEZING here!

In the world of astrology this is already an eventful season. The Sun is in Leo  and the Moon full in Aquarius yesterday. We had two eclipses last month alongside a Grand Cross; and there's the entrance of Uranus into Aries and Saturn into Libra! The planet Uranus (sudden events, originality and revolution) has been in Pisces for the last 7 years. The shift from dreamy, imaginative Pisces to the fiery, spontaneous sign of Aries is a MAJOR shift in our lives and culture. Jupiter (good fortune, expansion) followed Uranus into Aries last month assuring a smooth passage for us all.

Meanwhile Saturn (maturity, time, dedication) has been in Virgo for the past 2 years, and as of last Wednesday has entered Libra. There's a new seriousness to relationships. Commitment and reliability are on everyone's radar for the next 2 years. There are HUGE forces at play here that will affect all of us, and these giant shifts are ushering us towards the grandest event of all - the line up of all the planets in December 2012!

The horoscopes below take the Sun into account, as well as the ruler of your sign and these huge Summer 2010 alignments. Be sure to read your Sun sign AND Rising sign! If you don't know your rising sign you can figure it out here.

Aries:  The Ram

     The sun is in Leo, putting focus on your Relationship and Creative Life. Mercury is already there, highlighting communications with your partner. Your ruler, Mars, is currently in Virgo which is challenging for Aries. You want to charge ahead and be spontaneous, but Mars in Virgo has you double checking the details on Everything!! Soon Mars will be moving out of your Virgo/Work/Health area (on July 29th) and into your house of Partnership. It's a hot sexy Summer for you Aries!
     As for the Revolution on your doorstep... Uranus (sudden, transformative and shocking events) is retrograding through your sign for the next month causing you to retool some of your wild ideas. It's a great time to clarify your vision and the practical steps to manifesting it.

Taurus:  The Bull

     You will have lots of "me" time around your house over the next month (Sun in Leo), along with some pleasant experiences with Love and Creativity (Venus in your 5th House). You could combine the whole thing and get creative with your lover in your house. Other than the obvious, how about painting the place? Or getting new curtains, or making some romantic dinners? This month is about practicing expressing yourself in a safe place.
     As for the Grand Cross and the action with Aries - this is all happening in your 12th House (Karma, Self Undoing and Things that are Hidden). It's a great placement because Uranus shakes things up and brings them into the light to be healed. The invisible limits you've placed on yourself will finally be burned away.

Gemini:  The Twins

     My darling Geminis! The Sun will be shining in your House of Learning and Communication this month. These are two things Gemini's excel at, so you are in your element. Mercury, your ruler, is currently gliding through this House preparing the way for the Sun. Time to clear the air and set boundaries with people! Mars in Virgo creates an opportunity to do some psychological healing on yourself - to clear the weeds from the ground of your being.
     The Uranian shift into Aries highlights your social life for the next several years! You will be hanging around the fringes of society with very original and empowered people. Saturn in Libra brings a new seriousness to your love relationships and creative projects. The people you partner with need to "get real" or you will seek out something else.

Cancer:  The Crab

     I hope you had a Great birthday!! The Sun has left your sign for Leo, and the focus shifts to your financial world. Ask yourself, what do you value most? What would you like to increase in your life? What would make you feel more secure? With Mercury leading the way, communications with important relationships are already getting attention.
     The shift of Uranus into Aries will affect your life more visibly then others, because it falls in your 10th House of Career and Ambition. Odd and unique career opportunities will be coming at you from far left field for the next several years! Saturn in Libra brings a serious focus to the people in your living situation and family (particularly mom). How these relationships affect you psychologically will bring deep opportunities to heal yourself.

Leo:  The Lion

     It's birthday season! The Sun has entered Leo and the spotlight is on YOU! Which is the way it should be. You are experiencing the rebirth of your identity for the next solar year. Who are you now? How have you grown over the past year? It's time to set goals for where you'd like to be this time next year. Meanwhile Mars is careening through Virgo, inspiring you to reassess your financial life. As of July 29 the energy will be moving into your communications with others.
     The movement of Uranus into Aries brings sudden changes to your 9th House of Mind Expansion. You will take wild adventures to faraway places, or college courses with unique subject matter. Meanwhile Saturn brings maturity to how you communicate with important relationships and neighborhood pals:)

Virgo:  The Virgin

     Mars has been visiting your sign for the past several weeks and I bet you've gotten A LOT accomplished! Good for you. Mars will be joining Saturn in Libra on July 29th giving new energy and focus to your financial life. The Leo Sun will illuminate and guide you down the back roads of your hidden potentials, preparing you for your birthday in late August/September. Pay attention to the fertile ground of visions and ideas that float through your mind. They will lead you in the best direction for the year ahead.
     One thing to notice is Mercury's entrance into your sign tomorrow - Tuesday, July 27th. It's going to feel GREAT! Capitalize on this energy but keep in mind that Mercury is also going RETROGRADE in Virgo on August 20th. Your plans might be delayed or held up in some way temporarily, but will come to fruition if you're patient.

Libra:  The Scales

     If times have been a little rough lately don't despair; Saturn entered your sign last Wednesday bringing issues of reality, maturity and inhibitions. It's a contracting and sobering influence, which will be with you for the next two years. It will completely alter the structure of your life for the better. You will come out the other side a much stronger and focused person.
     There's a slew of other planets affecting you as well. Mars is entering Libra this week on Thursday, bringing force to your changing issues of identity. Venus (Love) will be there soon followed by Mercury (The Mind) and the Sun (Personality) around your birthday. What's working in your life and what would you like to change? Where are you out of balance? Meanwhile Uranus (the unusual) and Jupiter (Fortune) are highlighting your relationships, bringing oddballs and gurus into your life.

Scorpio:  The Scorpion

     You are experiencing a huge wake up call these days. All the action is in your 12th House of spiritual strength, isolation, addiction, artistry, universal connection and the soul. It's the place you retreat to for healing and to feel safe and secure. The inner planets will be visiting you there over the next couple of months to assist you in clearing cobwebs and brightening up the place. Mars is first... it's your ruler and is entering Libra (your 12th House) Thursday, July 29th. Then Venus, Mercury and the Sun!
     On the other side of your chart Uranus and Jupiter are shaking things up and sending blessings to your Work/Health/Pets arena. They will be retrograding back into your 5th House of Romance however in early August/September, so be prepared to rewind some of what happened in your love life last New Year. Your head will be clear though, so you'll be ready for it.

Sagittarius:  The Archer

     Had some romance lately? Uranus (sudden events) and Jupiter (good fortune) are hosting a really fun party in your House of Romance right now. Jupiter will move on eventually, but Uranus will be there for the next seven years - bringing unusual and revolutionary people into your love life and creative work! Uranus and Jupiter will take a brief break starting in August, but will reenter your House of Love early next year. So 2011 should be great for you. It's a powerful omen for finding true love. Jupiter is also your ruler, so wherever he travels holds a lot of significance in your life.
     The other big event is Saturn's entrance into Libra, your House of Friendships. For the next couple of years your closest relationships will undergo some reality testing. You will learn who you can truly count on. This energy also applies to people you know in your community and work life.

Capricorn:  The Goat

     Saturn, your ruler has just entered Libra - your House of Career. It's the most public area of your chart and will undergo a huge structural change over the next two years. Issues with authority often surface with this transit. What's the reality of your ambitions? Do they still suit you? Do you need to make a change or get more training? Saturn isn't big on changes, but DOES support your climb up the steep mountain to reach your goal. Think about what that goal is and shift it if necessary.
     Uranus and Jupiter have been traveling through the Home area of your chart, allowing positive and sudden changes in your living situation. Uranus will be here for the next seven years bringing all sorts of odd characters into your home and community. Just be open to it and learn from them, but set boundaries if needed. Remember you have Pluto in your sign right now, and that's a VERY powerful ally.

Aquarius:  The Water Bearer

     There was Full Moon last night in Aquarius - it's the brightest moon of the year! The Full Moon in your sign shines the spotlight directly on you and your relationships. Since Aquarius and Leo are fixed signs, I hope you didn't encounter any stubbornness with people in your life. With "fixed" signs people often hold tightly to what they want or believe and will not budge. This was also influenced by a stand off this morning between two heavyweights - Saturn and Uranus. This opposition affected your Communications (3rd house) and Beliefs (9th house). It's best to be diplomatic for the next couple of days until these influences pass over.
     Your ruler, Uranus, has gone through an extraordinary transition last month - leaving Pisces for Aries. This shift will light a fire under you, and bring a huge amount of confidence, optimism and ambition to your usually peaceful and humanitarian perspectives. On the other side of the sky, Saturn will throw a sobering influence over your relationships involving Self Discovery and Travel.

Pisces:  The Fishes

     Big changes are on the horizon for Pisces. What I'm trying to say...gently... is that Uranus (sudden events, highs and lows, erratic changes, instability) has entered your house of Money. It's gonna be okay though. It's also the planet of original ideas, invention and risk taking. Try to focus on maximizing your gains and minimizing the thrill seeking, and you should be fine. Keep those Piscean flipper feet on the ground as much as you can.
     Some good news is that Venus is dancing through your house of Partnerships, so I'm sure you're enjoying quality time with your partner. Or if not attached, you've been getting a lot of attention from the right people! Saturn has moved into your 8th house for the next two years, so keep a good eye on your relationships involving other people's money, shared resources and SEX.