Happy Valentine's Day

I LOVE this day… relationship or not. I just LOVE LOVE.
To everyone out there, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day ♥
I also believe this is true:
“It is Almost Certain that Between Friends There is at All Times, a Silent Communication, a Sort of Unconscious Mental Conversation Going on Subjectively when This Rises to the Surface of Conscious Intelligence, it is Called Mental Telepathy. The Communication with Others is Going On at All Times, whether the Conscious Mind is Aware of the Fact or Not. We are Always Receiving Impressions that are More or Less Vague, and It is Seldom They Come to the Surface; but They are There Nevertheless and are Gradually Building into Our Mentalities Impressions and Forms of Thought that are Unconscious and Silently Perceived.”
~ Ernest Shurtleff Holmes, The Science of the Mind: Subjective Communication (1926)


Oscar Wilde quote

"With Freedom, Books, Flowers, and the Moon, Who Could Not Be Happy?"

~ Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

"Ascent of the White Queen" by Maggie Dunne