Full Moon In Aries


Full Moon in Aries at 9:23pm Pacific, Saturday, October 15th.
The Full Moon was exact last night, but we are experiencing the effect today, Monday and Tuesday. It’s a VERY powerful Full Moon because it’s in a conjunction with Uranus (revolution, truth, rebellion and “shaking things up”).
This will be a dramatic week. The Full Moon will set off more disruptions and drama on the world stage. The last debate takes place this Wednesday – the same day as a conjunction (combining) between Mars (energy, war, men) and Pluto (toxic purification). Should be interesting! Mars and Pluto both rule Scorpio which is Clinton’s sign, so she should be able to ride the wave. Trump will have women coming out of the woodwork to challenge him, and his supporters will stay resolute.
This is a good week to take things a step at a time and be cautious in social interactions. Creativity is highly enhanced, especially if it goes outside of social norms. This is a week for the revolutionary, unconventional, rebellious genius to fully express herself or himself. Expect revelations regarding your life and personal belief systems. Do something physical; push yourself at the gym or exercise in nature. If you have some great truth to impart to someone, I would wait until next week.
The rest of October is about radical transformation, on a personal and social level.


Autumnal Equinox: horoscopes

Fall Equinox at 7:21am, Sun into Libra.
MERCURY DIRECT at 10:31pm last night, 9/21.
Libra: Love, Beauty, Harmony, Socializing, Parties, Negotiation, Friendship, Teamwork.

Welcome to Fall! The Autumnal Equinox marks the midpoint between Summer and Winter. Today we have equal day and equal night. Libra is about balance, harmony, justice, and partnerships of ALL kinds.

Today is referred to as the festival of Mabon. This is the second harvest festival of the year, the first being Lammas (August 1st) and the third being Halloween (October 31st). Whatever was started in March this year is now coming to fruition. It's harvest season, where we see the result of our labors. We reap what we have sown. It's the time to take stock of where you are in your life right now - what you've brought forth and what you still want to manifest.

Today we feel the turn of the wheel of the year. Standing in the middle of equal daylight to equal nighttime, we look at BALANCE. Are we out of balance in our lives? Are we taking care of ourselves? Are we working hard AND making time for our dreams and having fun too?

Mabon also relates to mid life; to our 40's and 50's when we have accomplished some things, but also might harbor regrets. The Equinox is a time to give yourself credit for all the wonderful things you've created and the positive difference you've made in the world. Honor your courage! And how much smarter you are now than when you were young.

This holiday was pivotal in ancient times, since a good final harvest was crucial to surviving the winter months ahead.  Relationships are reassessed so we can decide who is best to take into the harsh winter with us. If someone is draining your energy, now might be the time to let go.

Current Astrology:

     The Sun, Jupiter, and Venus are now in Libra, which is BIG energy. The Sun and Jupiter are the largest bodies in our system and radiate expanding, positive light. Jupiter will be in Libra for the next couple of years, giving new insights into the themes of relationships, teamwork, creativity, beauty and luxury.

Jupiter rules our beliefs, faith and truth. Now that Jupiter is in Libra, we will redefine our beliefs about partnerships. There will be a renewed interest to connect, make peace, and find balance. Meanwhile, Venus (ruler of Libra) is moving into Scorpio tomorrow giving a lot of intensity to the current themes in our lives. Avoid socially awkward situations and causing drama.

The horoscopes below take the Sun into account, as well as the ruler of your sign. Be sure to read your Sun sign AND Rising sign. The Rising Sign is the most accurate reflection of your chart when reading most horoscopes. You can calculate your Rising sign here.

Aries:  The Ram
     Partnerships of all kinds will be significant in your life over the next month (and year, with Jupiter's influence). The Sun, Jupiter, and Venus are in your House of Partnerships, bringing a new shift in relationships, faith, healing, expansion and balance.

Taurus:  The Bull
    Your ruler, Venus, is about to enter Scorpio, the sign of relationships and your polarity. Tomorrow begins a foreshadowing of the lessons this season will have for you. They aren't bad or good, just themes for you to work on. You've had some tests in your House of Work, Health and Habits over the last year, but with the entrance of the Sun and Jupiter into this area, you should be able to gain some new traction in daily life matters.

Gemini:  The Twins
     The Sun is in Libra, putting focus on your Romantic and Creative Life. Jupiter is there for the next year giving you huge opportunities to attract romance! Be sure and get out and socialize a lot. Good luck also comes in the form of creative partnerships. Your ruler, Mercury just went Direct last night too, so you are in forward motion again.

Cancer:  The Crab
     Cancerians love their home environments, so you will be thrilled to know that the skies are sending you ample opportunities for home improvement and social gatherings.
The next year also supports you healing your ties with your family of origin, and increasing your self knowledge and faith. It's a time of digging into your roots and healing your soul.

Leo:  The Lion
    The Sun and Jupiter are shining in your House of Learning and Communication this month. You will love this because your self expression will get a huge boost. Speaking, creativity, visibility in your community will all be expanded for the next two years. Meanwhile Saturn brings maturity to how you communicate with important relationships and your neighborhood pals:)

Virgo:  The Virgin
   Your ruler, Mercury, is giving you a last birthday present by turning Direct in your sign last night, AND at an auspicious degree! New, positive, forward motion has begun. Meanwhile the Sun and Jupiter are in Libra, and the focus shifts to your financial world. For the next year ask yourself, what do you value most? And what is the truth about what you value?

Libra:  The Scales
     It's birthday season! The Sun and Jupiter have entered Libra and the spotlight is on YOU! It's the rebirth of your identity for the next solar year. Who are you now? It's time to set goals for where you'd like to be this time next year. Your ruler, Venus, is moving into Scorpio tomorrow giving some intensity to your relationships.

Scorpio:  The Scorpion
     All the action is in your 12th House of spiritual strength, solitude, artistry, universal connection and the soul. It's the place you retreat to for healing, safety and security. The inner planets will be visiting you there over the next month to assist you in clearing cobwebs and brightening up the place. You ruler, Mars is traveling with Saturn through Sagittarius, bringing focus to your TRUTH and faith. 

Sagittarius:  The Archer
     Had some romance lately? Uranus (sudden events) and Jupiter (good fortune) are hosting a party in your House of Romance right now. Jupiter enlarges your social circle and Uranus brings unusual and revolutionary people into your love life and creative work! Jupiter is also your ruler, so wherever he travels brings focus. The theme of your life for the next year is a reality check with your personal truth, and an expansion of your friendships and social network.

Capricorn:  The Goat
     Saturn, your ruler, is still moving through Sagittarius in your House of Spiritual Connection. What's the reality of your ambitions, and are you including your spiritual life in your plans? Do they still suit you and do you need a change? Saturn isn't big on changes, but DOES support your climb up the steep mountain to reach your goal. Think about what that goal is and shift it if necessary. Remember you have Pluto in your sign right now, and that's a VERY powerful ally. He brings up toxic energy to be purged and healed. Also, you will see good luck regarding career and public image over the next two years.

Aquarius:  The Water Bearer
     The Sun and Jupiter are traversing your House of Life Perspective right now. The next two years is a time of education, training and travel. The transit of Jupiter in Libra expands your mind, faith, self knowledge and personal philosophy. Your ruler, Uranus, is still in Aries which lights a fire under you, and brings confidence, optimism and ambition to your peaceful and humanitarian perspectives.

Pisces:  The Fishes
     All the action is in your 8th house for the next year! This area of your chart represents Other People's Money - i.e. banks, loans, real estate, rentals and credit. Don't overspend. Kinda boring stuff for artistic Pisces, but with the Sun and Jupiter there it's a great time to negotiate with authority and solidify your relationships. You can attract helpful people to your life right now. This house also relates to SEX, so it could be a hot and steamy year for you!


New Moon in Virgo and Mercury Retrograde

Tom Bagshaw
New Moon in Virgo: 5:03am.
Solar Eclipse at 9 Virgo: 5:07am.
Mercury Retrograde in Virgo all month.
Sun, Moon, Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo. That’s a LOT of action in the skies right now where Virgo falls in your chart. You can find your chart here, or set up a reading with me here.
Saturn at 10 Sagittarius
Mars at 13 Sagittarius
Neptune at 10 Pisces
It’s time for us to get organized and clear on our priorities as the Earth turns towards Autumn. How do you want to live this Winter? With Saturn and Mars squaring this eclipse, and Neptune opposing, we need to get serious and assess where we put our energy. How do you spend most of your day? What have you been ignoring? Where are you in fantasy? Today is a giant reality check. This is heavy energy so be gentle with yourself.
The North Node (destiny) is in the middle of this eclipse, leading us to our future. This is a wonderful aspect, allowing us to let go of the past and clear a path forward. You can actually get a glimpse of your future if you pay attention.
And regarding the Mercury Retrograde? Don’t freak out. Just try not to sign anything important or make large ticket purchases. Hold off on doing mercurial Magick until it’s done.
Whatever starts today and this weekend will build over the next two weeks. Huge opportunity for healing but focus on being of service to others.
Jupiter is entering Libra on September 9th which sets off a two year cycle of focus on partnerships of all kinds. What was happening in your life 12 years ago? Those issues are about to be revisited in September. You can also connect with like-minded people.

"What is Mercury Retrograde?
Three times a year (sometimes four), the planet Mercury appears to move backwards in its orbit. Do planets really move backwards? No. But a difference in orbital speeds creates the illusion of Mercury moving backwards.

What does Mercury represent in astrology?

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that symbolizes speaking, writing, critical thinking, information, the five senses, education, the mind, travel, transportation, movement, contracts, the market, duality, twins, and siblings.
Of course I cannot tell you what you should and should not do, but these activities are considered inauspicious during Mercury Retrograde: signing contracts, buying electronics, buying a car, and traveling — all Mercury ruled activities.

Other things to keep in mind?

  • The retrograde is about review.
  • Mercury Retrograde should not cause anxiety. Don’t spend three weeks in total fear of making the wrong move. Fear is the lowest energy to create from and you are an aspect of the Creator made physical. Work with Mercury Retrograde. Go back to something that’s been on the back burner. Revise a manuscript. Try a different path. Meditate and reflect."

"A month with two eclipses and Mercury Retrograde is NOT for a sudden move - it is for staying grounded. Pace yourself."


Life is Music

Alan Watts – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey

“A film I made last night based on my favourite quotes from Alan Watts about how the way of looking at your life as a journey can be the most destructive way. Please have a listen to his wise words.” – David Lindberg

Scenes from Tree of Life
Music: Sleeping at Last – Saturn

Alan Watts - Why Your Life Is Not A Journey from David Lindberg on Vimeo.


inspiration No. 1

You wanna fly,
you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.

– Toni Morrison


Full Moon in Capricorn/ Saturn in Sagittarius

Today’s Full Moon in Capricorn occurred at 3:57pm Pacific, but the energy will be alive all week. The sign of Capricorn is deep, old Earth so tend to practical matters. The focus this week is on work, home, health and reality (these are Earthy things). Capricorn the Goat knows how to pick his way over impossible terrain to find the pot of gold on the other side. We need this determination, because this Full Moon is sitting on Pluto, which currently retrograding in Capricorn.
Pluto is the great catalyst. It brings up toxic sludge to be purged, so an individual can rebirth themselves. Since the Full Moon is sitting at the exact degree of Pluto, this toxic stuff will be emotional in nature. If you can be gentle with yourself and walk through this week, the uncovered treasure you find within yourself could be revolutionary.
Meanwhile Mercury and Venus are blasting through Leo in their own conjunction. This highlights the artist within us, giving us free rein to boldly express ourselves with perfect, golden language.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is traversing Sagittarius for three years (we’re halfway through). This transit asks us to get serious about our beliefs OR to restructure them. Our life philosophies and inner truths are being reworked and matured, so we can live on a solid foundation.


Saturn into Sagittarius

The Path, by Reginald W. Machell
“The Path” by Reginald W. Machell
Full Moon in Sagittarius occurred at 4:02am Pacific today, and we all got a glimpse (or a big jolt) about our future path. The ruler of Sagittarius is the huge planet Jupiter – ruler of optimism, expansion, joviality, luck and money. This week it’s conjunct the North Node of the Moon which symbolizes The Future. Whenever the North Node is involved, our destiny appears. What insights did you receive today? What showed up in your life? This is your personal message about your path.
This Full Moon is intensified by Saturn in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces. It was exact three days ago and impacts the energy of this moon. This is our dream meeting practical reality – and it can be painful. Saturn comes along, rips off our rose colored glasses and tests us on our personal beliefs. Saturn in Sagittarius is our truth and belief appearing as a wake up call. Neptune in Pisces gives us a vision of our lives that we never imagined before. We are each starting a new phase in our lives.
From Mystic Medusa:
"Sagittarius is the Archer, the Centaur, the court jester who tells the truth, the wanderer and the party come to life. All that.
And where you have Sagittarius in your chart is where you want to be absolutely free.
Yes, other houses in the chart lend themselves to rebellion and do-thy-own thing as well but your Saggo area is where you’ll take off out the back door when nobody is looking.  It’s where any obligation or expectation feels like blinkers, a bit and a bridle on wild-horse you and it doesn’t matter WHO  t.f you offend:  You are outta there.
Your Saggo area is where you don’t even have to think about or try to arrange being free –  you just ARE free there. If not? It’s terribly bad for you.
The house with Sagittarius on the cusp is where you kind of have hippy values and heaven help the poor sod who attempts to impose another paradigm onto your easy-come-easy-go-just-loving-the-sun-on-my-skin-breeze-in-my-hair-living-the-now policy."
Sagittarius is the truth that we find after our underworld journey in Scorpio.
Once we eliminate what had been holding us back (Scorpio), we can begin to expand our horizons (Sagittarius).  If Scorpio is the journey within, Sagittarius is the journey to far off and exotic lands.

BUT Saturn has also a mysterious dimension and we see it at times like now - between now and Xmas Eve, Saturn traverses the very end of Scorpio and it's like a little time warp. Ready or not, people and information will flow into your life that will prompt the most intense recollection of times gone by - yes, even if you Do live resolutely in the Now and for good reasons.

But the poignant echoes and feeling almost forced to reflect on cycles in your life is a part of this time so you do it with (i think) a lofty and inquiring attitude - okay, what DID you glean from that morsel of info or sudden memory flash?  This is Saturn at the end of Scorpio - there will be a most pertinent insight to be gathered from even the most random past montage or reanimation - you just have to get to it.

September 18 2015 – December 2017
It will be like a revelation, a coming out into the light, the focus of this week and this yuletide time of 2014, is Saturn moving into Sagittarius, 4:33pm 23rd December 2014 UT. After all this time Saturn in Scorpio finally moves off into Sagittarius for 6 months. “Trumpets sound and angels sing” seems very appropriate and worth a bit of a celebration, for the heaviness of Saturn  in Scorpio has been a trial of emotional upheaval, trust, money wars, control and power issues that have reared there unavoidable ugly heads, but have made us into who we are today, stronger, braver, and ready to take the next steps.
Watch for he shift, as Xmas conversations around family diners, lunches, BBQ’s  get more heated. Instead of holding in, or holding back for the sake of peace, or mum, or husband, or friend and like true Sagittarius, we let it rip, the spanner of truth gets set off into the works. We take control of situations not through emotional blackmail, but by letting it out, saying what we mean, meaning what we say, no matter what the consequences, it has to be done. After the deeper inner world experience of Scorpio, in Sagittarius all becomes wilder, freer and clearer, for that is the purpose. Yet remember as the Sagittarian will gets stronger, it does so for everybody. The dogma, the right way, this is the only way to see things, can be expressed in so many ways. Not all of which shall be so inspiring.
We are talking about Saturn here, the planet with the heaviest of archetypal meanings, structure, control, autonomy, authority, bounds and boundaries, work, commitment, responsibility,  put that with the openness of Sagittarius, the universal,  experience seeking, future oriented, high minded traveller and adventurer!
What type of images are formed? Her is an idea!
Saturn   – Sagittarius
Control –  Freedom
Closed – Open
Structure – The reason?
Autonomy – Sag love that!
Authority – Well I am the authority
Do it right – Don’t I always
Bounds – Yeah I’m into it, will it hurt?
Boundaries – Never
Rules – What for?
Commitment – Committed
Responsibility – Sorry I have to go, got other things to do
Lessons – but I know it all don’t I?
Get the idea? Saturn needs to loosen up and Sagittarius needs to gets serious. Will it ever happen? That is the exact tests of this time approaching. Lessons in Sagittarius! Can Saturn ever loosen up, well one thing really important to know here is that Saturn, the planet a gas giant, has a physical mass that could float on water, physically it is not a lead weight that the astrology of the past 1000’s of years has attributed to it. And think  about it heavy objects can fly, just look at a Jumbo Jet, defying gravity and taking off. It’s the ties that bind,  the heaviness we bring on ourselves, what we thing can’t be achieved or isn’t possible that we need to consider here with Saturn in Sagittarius.  Saturn is about control, who controls your life? Our beliefs will now take a firm hold of Saturn and the importance of living our own truth becomes ever so important. With Jupiter in Leo till mid next year also tests of faith come around in many ways.
For anyone with Sagittarius planets,  or angles, Saturn will now begin a firming, consolidating test to your faith, your faith in life and what you can make of it. How committed you are in living it, doing it, being it! For others with mutable angles and planets, Virgo, Pisces and Gemini, the tests may not be as harsh or trying, yet the signature is to stabilise with Saturn, stabilise what we mean, what we know, what we do, how we do it. Great time to finish and consolidate studies and something we really believe in. It’s not a time for giving in or giving up, but seeing things through, if they are true and if they are not, well you already know. If we don’t  believe in it , ask yourself what are you doing it for. Sagittarius seeks “meaningful”!
 Saturn is a great teacher in all aspects of life, after the lessons learnt in Scorpio,we move off to Sagittarius, a great teacher too, yet in the higher meaning of life. Saturn’s tests are all about needing to master the next steps in time. Together during this transit we put together mastering  all we know, consolidating the truth by which we live,  believing and having faith in what we are building, doing, seeking, and doing it all as right, according to us!
As you are doing it so will others be, so be prepared for some dogmatic, law affirming restrictions being imposed around us, especially through governments and authorities, travel restrictions and the like. Although we will be aiming to stand by our worldly freedom rights, continue to fight for what is right in this world, the law may have other ideas and the struggle will be to fight to remain freer than ever for the heaviness will be more apparent.

Good luck with it all, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!