Bewitching Photographs Inspired By Lithuanian Forests

Beautiful, surreal photos by Raggana in Lithuania. Check out this link:



In Praise of Melancholy and How It Enriches Our Capacity for Creativity


Fantastic article by Maria Popova: 

"“One feels as if one were lying bound hand and foot at the bottom of a deep dark well, utterly helpless,” Van Gogh wrote in one of his many letters expounding his mental anguish. And yet the very melancholy that afflicted him was also the impetus for the creative restlessness that sparked his legendary art. In his diary, the Danish philosopher and poet Søren Kierkegaard — one of the most influential thinkers of the past millennium — wrote that he often “felt bliss in melancholy and sadness” and thought he was “used by the hand of a higher Power through [his] melancholy.” Nietzsche, too, believed that a certain amount of suffering is essential to the soul."

I've personally experienced depression throughout my life, and it seems so prevalent in today's society. Maybe it's more out in the open and more people are talking about it. I want to share any information I find on it, just so people can be informed and supported. It's hard to see any positive, life enhancing effect from depression, and that's why this article is so wonderful to find. 

I manage my depression with exercise, diet and being sociable. If I don't feel like doing anything, my adorable dog makes sure I do! But another great way to work through depression is creativity. I often turn to music, writing or bead working when I feel depression coming on, and it always gives me a sense of accomplishment - makes me feel like I'm moving forward in my life. Depression touches everyone's life, either personally or through our personal relations. What are some ways you manage it?


Chiron goes Direct at 13°Pisces

Interesting article on the planet Chiron! One of my favorites! He is the "wounded healer", the great sage that trained all the Greek heroes. He represents our deepest wound which we need to heal. A friend shows up around the age of 50 when Chiron returns to it's place in our birth chart, to help guide us through this healing. It's also a time when we can "revisit" the issues that came up in our 20's with all the wisdom and experience we now have.

Chiron and Achilles c1922-1925 John Singer Sargent

Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency | Chiron goes Direct – 23rd November (13°Pisces)

 "This year’s retrograde of Chiron from 20th June (17°Pisces) to 23rd November (13°Pisces)
has spurred many of us into a spiritual recovery process where either through addressing current wounds, or by revisiting the wounds or impediments of our past, we may have been allowed to channel the pieces of our soul where we have become psychically disconnected or fragmented. The emphasis has been to go deep within and find the source of our
attachment to our “victim” nature, to reclaim, restore or retrieve aspects of our soul that may have caused a weakness or vulnerability to feeling spiritually abused or socially victimised. Of course, this process may have been aided or facilitated with the help of another, most likely someone who not only has a firsthand understanding of our
pain, but has provided the key to helping us gain a better understanding of how to bring it all back into perspective.

At this time of Chiron’s station (13°Pisces), we may feel the loss quite intensely. It is not uncommon to feel extremely sensitive and vulnerable to the psychic energies of those around us. As Chiron picks up speed to go direct, we will seek a reconnection to the
these most sophisticated wounds upon our deeply unconscious psyche. We can address these by either seeking out the compassionate counsel/guidance of someone who not only understands but is sympathetic to our pain, or otherwise become subjected to an open analytical assault upon our sensitivities by another, who seeks to press us to account about our apparent evasiveness and need to escape or squirm about feeling misunderstood or victimised. Either way, a lesson will be learned. It is up to ourselves to actively pursue a healing method which hopes to restore some spiritual fortitude, explore our psychic gifts, and once again move forward as a whole person."

- Ang Stoic


Scorpio: Face your Fears

The Moon and Sun are in Scorpio today, preparing us for a
New Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 22nd
at  4:32am Pacific.

Release all things today that are holding you back - any limiting ideas or relationships. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn are all in Scorpio today, which won't occur again for 28 years.

Scorpio is a time of rebirth and transformation. The conditions are ripe today to do just that!

Here's two great articles to get you energized!

Whatever scares you or excites you, go do it

Never have a limit on your income


True Halloween is this weekend

Today we had our lovely November Taurus full moon sailing overhead, and we are approaching True Halloween. "What the heck?" you might ask, Halloween was last weekend!! Well yes, Halloween occurs on October 31st, however TRUE Halloween happens when the Sun is at 15 degrees Scorpio - which is happening in the next few days. Yes, you get to do Halloween again if you choose. Maybe a more personal ritual of facing your fears would be helpful. Write them all down and burn them in a fire.

We are moving into deep Autumn. The nights are becoming longer and we journey inward. We touch our souls and the spirit world this time of year. Intuitive abilities are at their highest, and we work to survive the upcoming Winter. This is such an ancient, primitive time for us. Our ancestors went through this same transition for thousands of years - since the dawn of man.

The harvest festivals are over for the year and now we move toward the rebirth of the Sun (Winter Equinox) on December 21st. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and a major player in what drives us. The fiery red planet is now Capricorn and will be there until December 5th. Mars is at ease in Capricorn, the sign of commitment and stamina. The energies of both Mars and Capricorn are ambitious and strong willed and thrive when put together. Plus!! Mercury is now Direct in Libra - giving us real forward progress with our goals.

During this season it's great to connect with others on a deep level. Any acts of healing and ritual are highlighted, as well as occult pursuits. Just stay away from social drama and over thinking!