magic (ma' jik), n. 1. A mysterious event or process that seemingly refutes the known laws of science. 2. A willed transformation of one's own state of mind. 3. A surprising triumph that
exceeds all expectations. 4. Something that works, though no one understands why. 5. The impossible becoming possible. 6. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." (Arthur C. Clarke.)


Paganism on the Rise: Everyone's a Pagan now

Paganism is going mainstream. It's about time!
Check out this article I recently found.

This is such great news. I've felt I needed to hide my beliefs from people or risk being instantly judged. In fact, creating this blog was hard at first, but has been very helpful for me getting used to being open about my magic.... and it is something I would like to share with others.

Many times I've told people I'm a witch and watched their eyes get wide and their bodies get tense. After awhile I would avoid the subject of religion, but it's such a huge part of me I felt I was hiding 75% of who I am. I would try to "water it down" with the phrase "oh I'm a goddess worshiper" or "I'm a wiccan". It's true, those phrases DO apply to me, but when I became a witch in 1988...I called myself a witch.

It's hard to get past all the fear and programming that have saturated our society for so many centuries about pagans. I hope that this article signals a new era where nature religions are celebrated!!


Happy Summer Solstice

Today is the high point of the Sun
The longest day of the year
The highest point of Light
The marriage of the Sun King with the Queen of Summer
The day when fairies are most active

Go out! Frolic in the Sun and be sociable today!

Be in the Sun