Horoscopes for the Full Moon, Virgo and the Mercury retrograde

My new favorite picture! This is the archangel of the Air element - RAPHAEL
(painted by Howard David Johnson).

I've been thinking about the Air element a lot lately...

First there's the heat in San Francisco the past couple of days. It's because the winds have changed direction. They are blowing East to West for the first time in several weeks. It's significant when winds change direction. It means magic is in the air and transformation is imminent.

The Sun just followed Mercury (Lord of the Winds) into the sign of Virgo - the only earth sign in the zodiac that's ruled by Air. This is notable because AIR is about ideas while the EARTH element is Manifestation. They work well together. Virgo helps us take practical steps towards achieving our dreams.

Today (Tuesday) is also a Full Moon in Pisces - the sign of the dreamer, artist, musician, humanitarian and mystic. It's perhaps the most spiritual of the signs and brings us closer to the God of our understanding.

With Lammas behind us and Mabon ahead, we are in the harvest season. Mercury is our guide, asking us to slow down and pay attention to what we are harvesting.

The horoscopes below reflect the Full Moon and the recent Mercury retrograde. 

Aries:  The Ram
Tonight's Full Moon lands squarely in your 12th House of Your Blind Spot. It's also the arena of Dreams and Spirituality. Try to remember your dreams this week - they will send you insightful messages from your unconscious. Mercury’s retrograde lands in your House of Work and Health, so prepare for some short circuits around the workplace. Stay focused on your goals and it will all sort itself out. One of your greatest gifts is your originality, and now is the time to let your light shine.

Taurus:   The Bull
The Full Moon in Pisces today shines a light on your 11th House of Friendships! Get out and be sociable this week. Hang out with your tribe. On the other side of your chart Mercury’s retrograde has landed in your 5th House of Relationships. Keep open communications with your partner. You might notice some of the past returning too...

Gemini:  The Twins
The Full Moon today brings light and focus to Career issues. Put aside analysis and pay attention to the wise voice inside you that "knows" the answer. Listen to your heart, this is the key to any events occurring this week. Meanwhile the Mercury Retrograde (until mid-Sept.) will be running through your home life. Listen carefully to other points of view and convey your own thoughts honestly - you want to aim for balance in your dealings with people.

Cancer:  The Crab
The Full Moon in Pisces today may send you off on a journey, or have you wistfully daydreaming about where you'd like to go. Today is also a great day to ruminate on your life perspective, and update where necessary. The big thing to watch out for though is the Mercury retrograde in Virgo in the Communications sector of your chart! Try to be as clear as possible in your communication because misunderstandings are possible. Get everything in writing!

Leo:  The Lion
Today is the day to put some attention on your business partnerships. How do you envision them moving forward? Who would you like to be working with and under what conditions? Meanwhile your Financial House will be going through some reorganization the next few weeks. Get all your paperwork in order so the retrograde won't hand you any unexpected surprises.

Virgo: The Virgin
The Full Moon in Pisces today puts a laser beam on your relationships. Strive for balance - remember your needs are important too. The Mercury retrograde will have a big affect on you since Mercury is your ruler and he's going backwards through your sign! Over the next few weeks you will go through a rebirth concerning your appearance, how you interact with others and your overall approach to life

Libra:   The Scales
This week the Moon puts the focus on Work and Health issues that need attention. On the other side of your chart Mercury will be moving backwards through your House of Self Undoing until mid-September. You could Undo your Undoing! Cool. With Saturn in residence in your sign, everything is geared towards you facing reality and maturing nowadays... focus on the footwork, the universe will guide you through the rest.

Scorpio:   The Scorpion
Ooooh La La! Watch for sudden events regarding Love and Romance this week! Just try not to lose your discernment while you're having all that fun. Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo has you clarifying your relationships with friends and coworkers over the next few weeks. I encourage you to strive for fairness, justice and balance.

Sagittarius:  The Archer
This Full Moon is illuminating situations regarding your Home. Try to be diplomatic regarding the issues you're dealing with - you will make better progress. For the next few weeks Mercury’s retrograde has you reworking your career path. Try to hold off making critical decisions or signing anything until September 15th.

Capricorn:  The Sea Goat
The Full Moon in Pisces highlights your communications with others for the next few days. You will do well to first get clarity on what you want - then you can speak your truth most accurately. Mercury’s retrograde has you rethinking your perspectives about your life, both in the present and where you're headed.

Aquarius:  The Water Bearer
Tonight the Full Moon is lighting up your financial sector. It's a good week to get your records in order especially since Mercury is dancing backwards through your House of Banks, Credit and Shared Resources. You will experience a strong financial rebirth in the middle of September from the reassessment and negotiations you do today.

Pisces:  The Fish
The Full Moon is shining down on you tonight, bringing good feelings, luck, and oneness with the universe. Pay close attention to your dreams this week. They will bring information from the aethers that will illuminate your path. Meanwhile Mercury's retrograde in Virgo gives you the chance to reassess and rework your important relationships.


La Roux performs Bulletproof - The View

It's happened again! The rare occurrence of finding a new band I really like!! This girl is like a 1980's female David Bowie.

Check them out!


Dead Weather on Letterman

I found some relief from our fogged-out dead summer with this clip of Dead Weather last night....

(clever play on words dontcha think?)


August 1 ~ First Harvest of the year ~ Happy Lammas Day!

Today is the first of three harvest festivals of the year. It's Lammas or "loaf" day, and it's the first wheat harvest. Whatever "seed" you planted last March is coming to fruition now.

I love this time of year! I'm glad to be in this century though, so I don't have to go out into the fields and harvest wheat...