Love Horoscopes ~ February 2014

 Happy Valentine's Day. While I'm not an avid follower of Hallmark holidays, I do like a celebration of Love at any time. I see Valentine's Day as a harbinger of Spring, and of the heart, so in these respects it makes me happy.

Venus is currently in Capricorn, just recovering from her retrograde (backwards motion) throughout the month of January. The sign of Capricorn means Work, and many relationships came up for reassessment. Without the willingness to work they fell apart if not grounded on a firm foundation.

If you are single right now just rest assured, Love is coming for you :)

We are also in the middle of a Mercury retrograde which means to avoid signing contracts and buying electronic gear. It's a time when the Truth comes out between people. Mercury just entered Aquarius yesterday, giving us quicksilver intuition and inventiveness. Let your eccentric, creative ideas out to play.

 There are some challenging aspects in the sky this Valentine's Day. It's a Full Moon in Leo which amplifies a big square between the Sun/Mercury in Aquarius and Saturn in Scorpio. It can be a time of rebuilding structure and big creativity but can also cause tensions below the surface to erupt. Keep a low profile and focus on your growth, and take space if you need to. 

For the horoscopes below, read your Sun sign and your Rising sign. If you don't know your rising sign you can find it here by typing in your birth information.


You have new forward momentum in your life thanks to Venus's Direct motion in your House of Career. Any projects that were stalled or delayed in January are gaining speed and showering you with money and validation. Regarding Love, try to listen to your partner and let him or her lead the way. Your ruler, Mars, is in Libra for the next few months. This aspect is about being fair and balanced so give your partner equal time. The Saturn square on Valentine's Day is a huge reality check for relationships. Focus on listening and everything should go smoothly.


Now that your ruler, Venus, is moving forward you are feeling more centered. Venus was moving backwards throughout January, asking you to retool your Life Perspective. She's back to forward motion - in Capricorn - which is harmonious for you Earth sign folks. Capricorn is the sign of ambition and work, so in the love arena this could mean taking a clear view of your partner (or someone you'd like to meet) and creating a plan on how you'd like things to develop. There's a Saturn square in Scorpio on Valentine's Day which can shine a harsh light on any conflicts bubbling under the surface. Patience is the best approach - it will be smooth sailing by Sunday.


With Venus and Pluto doing a dirty dance in your House of Sex, Death and Taxes - you are bound to have the most exciting February of all. Certainly a steamy Valentine's Day. Try to avoid extreme thinking regarding relationships i.e. "you are my soul mate" or "we're done forever". Look for the middle ground and avoid dramas. With the Saturn in Scorpio square on Valentine's Day things could heat up and get REAL at the same time. It's OK to talk things out just don't make any big decisions about money or love until March. Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde this month and playing tricks in your House of Perspective.


With Jupiter in your sign, watch out for overeating, laziness and having money thrown at you. We'd all like to have your problems. This will be continuing until July 2014 so make the most of this influence! It only comes once every 12 years so if there's something you really want to do, NOW is the time. With Venus (Love) going backwards in your House of Partnerships in January, you improved the foundations of your important relationships. Now for more insight on Valentine's Day. Stay home and do art projects with your sweetie. There's a challenging aspect overhead that brings a harsh light to the reality factor of relationships, and creativity is your best outlet.


Well OK. Good news is it's a Full Moon in Leo today! That's good luck for you - a great time for you to shine. The challenging side is the square with Saturn in Scorpio going on today too. Saturn wants you to set realistic goals for your shining ideas. This square is a huge reality check for you, but Saturn usually makes things better if you take the long view. A good cure is to get out in the sunshine and focus on structure. What changes can you implement to make life better?


The Valentine's Day Full Moon is lighting up your issues around job and health. Go for a massage with your sweetie and just chill. Your ruler, Mercury, is currently doing a backwards dance around the Sun in your House of Work and Habits. February is not the right time to start health programs - wait until March and then go for it! Work could be a little frustrating right now with plans delayed, computers misbehaving and outcomes uncertain, but this is only for the next couple of weeks. Focus on what you have control over and wait for March.


The Valentine's Day Full Moon is transversing your House of Romance! Beam all that Libra love out into the world. Avoid discussing finances though. The other good news your huge amount of drive and enthusiasm for the next few months! Mars, planet of Action, in your sign which doesn't happen often so make the most of it! Also, your ruler Venus is moving forward in your House of Environment. Improvements to your home and positive negotiations with roomies are possible now.


Communications should flow smoothly today, but with Mercury retrograding in your home environment, try to get out and explore. Saturn in your sign is activating squares with the Sun and Moon today which can feel tense. I think this is a great aspect because it shows you where you need to focus your energies for the strongest result. You've been rebuilding your life in a new way over the last year or so, and the Full Moon today can show your where some subtle changes will make a big difference.


Venus is finally moving forward in your Money House! Plans are moving in the right direction again and you're receiving well deserved acknowledgement. Keep things light with love interests today since Mercury is running backwards through your House of Communication. Let someone else do the talking. The Saturn in Scorpio square is activating your mind today, giving you boundaries in your inner dialogue. Practice affirmations and positive thinking, even if it feels hokey.


January was a transformative month for you, and now you're experiencing the lovely aftereffects. Venus (Planet of Love and Money) has just finished her retrograde cycle through Capricorn and is now moving forward, bestowing strong love mojo and popularity enhancement. Appreciation at work is the best Valentine's Day present for a Capricorn. The Saturn square today might rattle your social circle today but just let it slide off you.


The Full Moon shines over to your sign from Leo (House of Partnerships), putting you in the middle of some huge personal growth. Relationships reach a culmination of sorts - either strengthening with a new structure or imploding if the foundation isn't solid. Just stay in the present moment and write down any insights you receive. Today is a juicy day for transformation and reflection. With Mercury running backwards through you sign, it's not the time to finalize or sign anything. Wait until March.


The Valentine's Day Full Moon is lighting up issues around job and health. Go for a massage with your sweetie and just chill. Meanwhile Mercury is currently doing a backwards dance around the Sun in your House of Self Undoing. This placement can be really positive, allowing you to reassess your thinking and how you see yourself. In March when Mercury goes forward you'll be in a more centered place. Just focus on what you have control over, and that lovely Jupiter in Cancer creativity that's activated until July.


Mercury Retrograde today

Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces today at 1:43pm Pacific.

Don't worry about it though! It's going to be OK. Just try not to make any life changing decisions or buy any electronics in February. Don't sign any contracts and be careful on the road.

Some good things can occur too! Many times the truth comes out or the air is cleared in relationships that really need it.

There's a lot of retrogrades this year. We just had Venus retrograding in January, now Mercury, and then Mars will be doing an about face in March! this Spring is a time to reassess things in your life and create a stronger foundation.