Mercury Retrograde/ New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus: Sunday at 9:13pm
Moon into Gemini at 2:27am today (Monday)
Mercury Retrograde at 6:49pm tonight

Sun into Gemini at 1:45am Thursday

What a beautiful weekend with the Sun and Moon in Taurus. The Moon is exalted (strengthened) in Taurus and is conjunct the asteroid Eros (love affairs) making it extra juicy. Hope you were able to get out and enjoy nature. I filled my house with beautiful tea roses in different shades of pink to celebrate the Venusian vibe :) Mercury was stationing all weekend too which can clear the air between people. Something can be started right now that has huge growth potential!

As of this evening we now have Mercury Retrograde in Gemini until June 11th when it turns Direct. Time to reorganize, retry, rethink and redo our plans. Rely on intuition during this time, and thoughtful communication. Don't freak out too much over this - just try not to sign any important contracts or make big purchases.

The dark star "Algol" is also in the mix this week. Check out this info about Algol from the C.I.A. (Cosmic Intelligence Agency):

"Algol/ Medusa depicts everything that Man fears in life – the fury of the suppressed feminine soul; the rage and violence of nature; the fine line between madness and wisdom and life and death; the depth and power of a woman’s sexuality. As Demetra George writes in the ‘Mysteries of the Dark Moon’, “… the extent that we have culturally repressed and feared the powers of this Dark Goddess and have accepted the patriarchal view of her as a monster to be destroyed, we have cut ourselves off from our ability to access our sexual power to create, regenerate, and know the truth from within ourselves. In fact we have been taught to shirk from and reject the kind of menstrual, ecstatic, and non-reproductive sexuality that activates these powers. {Algol/} Medusa carries the patriarchy’s projection of women’s dark sexuality as evil”.
From Agent EI's, Andrew Smith article on the coming New Moon in Taurus conjunct fixed star Algol.

Aries:  The Ram 
The Mercury Retrograde shines in your House of Communication. You'll hear some marvelous information about yourself. Be honest, clear and truthful in negotiations with people. This month is about speaking your truth.

Taurus:   The Bull

The Mercury Retrograde is illuminating your House of Money. Insights about yourself come from things you value. The spotlight is on money and resources so make some time for these in whatever form they take.

Gemini:  The Twins 
You are the Moon's special child this month! Go bask in the unearthly light shining in your corner of the sky. Insights will come regarding your appearance and identity. Use the Mercury retrograde to take stock of your life.

Cancer:  The Crab 
The Mercury Retrograde shines in your House of Self Undoing. What are some of your negative habits that no longer serve you? What do you need to let go of? This is a hugely positive placement because you can review your Blind Spot, giving you a unique chance to see things you don't always see.

Leo:  The Lion 
The Mercury Retrograde is in your House of Friendships. Personal insights come through your companions. Or Facebook. Stay away from gossip and social intrigue.

Virgo:  The Virgin 
The Mercury Retrograde is in your House of Career. Expect plans or insights to be slightly postponed in your profession. Trust it because it's for the best, you just can't see it now. Now's the time to back up and research a little more to make sure your ducks are in a row.

Libra:  The Scales 
The Mercury Retrograde is lighting up your House of Perspective. Some deep insights regarding your inner self are showing up. It's a great time to research some personal goals. Travel, philosophy and education are highlighted.

Scorpio:  The Scorpion 
Do you owe anyone money? The Gemini influence impacts your House of Other People's Money. New information comes bringing positive movement with debts, loans or real estate.

Sagittarius:  The Archer 
The Mercury Retrograde travels through your House of Partnerships. Deep insights comes to the inner workings of your important relationships. Set some goals for what you can and can't expect from people, and then practice acceptance.

Capricorn:  The Sea Goat 
The Mercury Retrograde falls into your House of Work and Health, offering some insight into how you meet expenses every month. Get your books in order and revamp your daily habits - especially around diet and exercise. Get enough sleep too. Back to the basics!

Aquarius:  The Water Bearer 
The Mercury Retrograde flies into your House of Romance. New romances might have trouble getting off the ground. Lots of talking will be necessary before new couples can trust each other. Better to direct your energy towards creativity and self expression.

Pisces:  The Fish 
The Mercury Retrograde in Gemini shines in your Home and places where you spend most of your time. Some insight could come about a new neighborhood you want to move to. The Fourth House also symbolizes the foundation of your being, so some deep personal revelations could appear this week.


Full Moon in Scorpio

copyright: Noam Kahalany

Full Moon in Scorpio tonight at 8:42pm Pacific. Keep an eye on the eastern sky and you'll see it rise! Mercury is in tight opposition to Saturn today, asking us to be serious and responsible in our decisions and communications.

The Full Moon tonight is the exclamation point on this lovely Beltane weekend. This ancient Celtic festival celebrates the height of Spring and the Sun in Taurus. We honor the blooming Earth and the promise of an abundant Summer.

Astrologically, we have Mercury cavorting around in it's home sign of Gemini for the next several weeks. There is a Mercury Retrograde from May 18th to June 11th, so try to make major decisions and purchases before then.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will be in Cancer in a couple of weeks. The focus turns to nurturing ourselves, our relationships and connecting with our families. It's a great time to make home improvements, but be careful about overeating. The New Moon in Taurus on May 18th will be influenced by Venus in opposition with Pluto - the catalyst for evolution and catharsis. It's a great time to reflect on what your needs are and if they are getting met by your lifestyle and relationships. Mercury Retrograde can clear the air between people, so speak your truth.