Astrology of September: Virgo

Sun into Virgo at 3:37am Sunday, August 23rd, 2015.
The Sun is making it’s annual conjunction with Jupiter over the next few days, giving us a highly auspicious week! If you need some acknowledgement at work, a raise or even a new job – now is the time to ask for it. The Sun symbolizes authority, and Jupiter the jovial King, so the two of them in harmony can bring huge fortune and good luck to any activities this week. These two giants join Mercury and Lilith in Virgo – allowing clarity and focus in our thinking and aspirations.
And it’s just the beginning!
Jupiter entered Virgo a couple of weeks ago, sparking off a year of practical steps to achievement. If you have goals in mind, Virgo shows you the way to manifest them into reality. This makes Virgo one of the most powerful signs. On the challenging side, Virgo symbolizes doing our chores. Ugh. Who wants to do laundry, work out or clean the house? But we gain traction in our lives when we are organized and have our s*** together. That’s the truth of it. Basically, Virgo symbolizes “cleaning up the house” after the giant Leo party in July/August.
Interesting that the Sun moves into Virgo around August 21st every year; when people are returning from trips and kids are going back to school. Time to get back to work. Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury, which encourages our organizational abilities (or the need to hire a friend who has them). Virgo brings crisp perspective, sharp decisiveness and detailed action. What does the foundation of your life look like? Do you need a health makeover? The devil is absolutely in the details and your daily habits. Show up for your schedule and do your best each and every day!
The Sun’s movement into Virgo means we have officially entered the harvest season. Burn gold and green candles for wealth.
 From Cosmic Intelligence Agency:
Jupiter in Virgo – August 11th 2015 – Sept 2016
Practice what you preach !
Jupiter planet of expansion, growth, truth and knowing enters the industrious, service oriented and highly mentally sensitive and aware sign of Virgo. Put them together and what do we get? A period ahead that indicates a great opening and focus on how to make things work best, most efficiently and effectively, as our minds are expanded to to pay attention to details, to cross our t’s and dot our i’s, a time in life to make the most of getting organised, sort information and do our research!. How boring that may sound for Jupiter, yet if you’ve been searching for answers, here you shall find. If you’ve been missing a piece of the puzzle, now you may complete the picture! If you’ve been working hard, now comes your reward, for it is harvest time!  Time to harvest all that has come before, but mostly  time to test your theories, time to prove to yourself  what you believe in as we get to look at life through a microscope or is that a telescope?
After the pompousness of Leo,  having blown ourselves up with confidence and knowing  fully absorbed with the inner truth we now carry, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will  help one to embed this knowing, this inner confidence into our daily grind, into our daily routine, into a way we can see it work and put it into practice. Virgo likes to find evidence, Virgo is practical, Virgo is prudent and doesn’t like to waste time on frivolities. Virgo cleans and fixes the mess left by Leo, Virgo tends  and mends to the bits that will keep things working well, for longer  and more efficiently. Jupiter is the judge, Jupiter is symbolic of our living truth. Jupiter now expands the Virgoan tasks and calls us back to the drawing board where need be. Jupiter in Virgo becomes like our own personal Judge Judy, calling us out where we might be slipping off the rails, helping us get  back on the track we know we need to be on. A damn good sign for getting things done on the collective front evn if it does sound like a pain personally.
It’s a bit like, after moving out of Cancer, home and security, we take the Leo journey to become that individual that we and others love,  away from family ties and strings. In Virgo in order to continue to be the person that we love to be, we need to continue to preserve ourselves, tend to the pruning and the care, the self preservation,  eat well and look after ourselves. We are our own responsibility, we mature with Virgo and leave that foolish young Leo behind, it’s best to find our true colours and then remain and be at our best.  Or else we come to Virgo , to scrutinise the hell out of ourselves , to get it right,  to fix it where we need to. Benevolent Jupiter’s gift is now to shine a light on the parts of life and ourselves that need a touch up, a bit of attention, some extra care and scrutiny. And as we know with Jupiter only the truth will hold, total honesty is key to reaping the benefits of this transit. Virgo does represent a harvest and if you do the work, put in the hours, pay attention to growing the best crop, the details, the harvest can be big and rewards come with genuine intentions set.
So put into practice what you preach, what you believe in and what you want to uphold, as Jupiter now accentuates all things Virgo~!
  1. Virgo represents efficiency, order and cleanliness so that one maintains containment and focus.
  2. Virgo symbolises perfection and doing things to the best of one’s abilities.
  3. Virgo picks apart, analyses and critiques in order to comprehend how all parts are connected and to discern what is useful from what is not.
  4. Virgo is concerned with the sacredness of time, daily routine, and taking regular care of fitness and diet for physical and mental wellbeing.
  5. Virgo is the final sign within the personal sector of the zodiac and therefore prepares the personal, ‘virginal’ state of self for the experience of relationship.
  6. Virgo aims to centre and ground the self so that one’s sense of self is not lost when relating beyond the self.
  7. Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces, looks at the whole picture whereas Virgo looks at everything frame by frame.


New Moon in Leo

"Leo" from Cycle of the Zodiac, Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, 1907

We had a New Moon in Leo today at 7:53am Pacific. The Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars are all in Leo giving us lots of heart! The spotlight on Leo can bring a need for recognition, sometimes leading to ego battles. But Leo is the sign of heart, creativity, beauty, animals and healing. Any activity involving these things will be given a boost.

Uranus at 20 degrees Aries sits in a trine to this new moon, giving us new insights into the events of the last month. Uranus brings sudden events, eccentric people and glimpses of the future. This planet's desire for independence and authenticity can heighten the romantic reassessment in the air from the current Venus Retrograde. It's a natural time to reevaluate relationships, but don't commit to a course of action until Venus goes Direct in October.

Read the horoscopes below to see how the spotlight on Leo is impacting your chart. Be sure and your read your Rising sign, which you can figure out here for free.

Aries — Let your creative side shine and your romantic side fully express itself. If you're an artist, writer or musician this will be a fortunate time for you. If you're looking for love you are likely to meet someone during this time!

Taurus — Hanging out at home is where you want to be. It's a fabulous month to redecorate your environments. Mars in Leo can also make you want to move. Psychological exploration is also enhanced - be brave and seek counseling if needed.

Gemini — The Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars are in your favorite place! The 3rd house of communication, socializing, teaching and learning. Self expression is enhanced so explore your creativity.

Cancer — The focus is on money and values. Cancerians need security to feel stable so this should be an easy time for you.

Leo — Mars in Leo gives you the confidence to assume leadership of your life. It's your birthday time and you SHINE. The fortune you've experienced the past couple of years is revving up for a finale, so make the most of this time. Be Bold.

Virgo — The huge activity in Leo is in your 12th House of spirituality and psychology. It's a time for solitude and contemplation. This house is also known as your "blind spot", so pay attention and see if you're repeating old patterns.

Libra — Time to socialize and solidify hopes and wishes. Where do you want to be a year from now? Mars is giving you the drive to make it happen. Bring your wishes into reality.

Scorpio — Your 10th House of ambition, public image, career and direction are foremost on your mind these days. Career, status, ambitions, direction in life. Your ruler Mars is active here and driving you towards higher status and recognition. You are out there in the world and highly visible.

Sagittarius — Mars in Leo sends sparks of energy, drive and action to your ideas! Entering a new course of study might be appealing to you right now. Expanding your life perspective through long distance travel is also possible. Your focus is the higher mind.

Capricorn — You're looking at issues around debt, credit and real estate... and then sex and death too. The Leo action is in your 8th House, and you need to upgrade your views on these issues. this is doubly highlighted by Saturn finishing it's transit in Scorpio and moving into Sagittarius. There's some deep diving into psychological issues which will yield positive results at the end of the year.

Aquarius — Your patience in relationships might be tested, because you are currently reassessing all of them. You're redoing your approach to love itself. Look at your values and write a list of the qualities you're looking for in a partner. If you haven't met a soul mate in the last year, they could appear now.

Pisces — Work, health and habits. You've had a lot of business the past few months, and will continue to work hard for the next several weeks. Mars in Leo is physical, so it's a great time to start eating better and working out too!