Full Moon in Aquarius

Today is a Full Moon in Aquarius, occurring at 3:43am Pacific. It's a Blue Moon (the second full moon in a month), and the brightest full moon of the year. It brings illumination and insight, so be present with your thoughts and the events that occur today, because a Truth will be unveiled.

If you are an astrology ninja, this Full Moon is occurring at 7 degrees Aquarius and Leo, so check out those points on your chart. Whatever was happening in your life on January 20th (the Aquarius New Moon) is about to come to fruition this weekend.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. This planet brings electricity, scientific thought, and glimpses of the future. It clears out stagnant energy. Uranus is non-conformist and embraces eccentrics, rebels and geniuses. It brings sudden events and flashes of insight, and can be a turning point for the year. Follow your own path no matter how crazy it looks to others. Uranus is currently retrograde in Aries and sending sparks to Venus retrograding into Leo today. We are looking at our karma and patterns around relationships, so look for breakthroughs of negative patterns. This full moon also brings clarity on where we belong. Who's our people? Our tribe?

If you want to know how this effects your chart, send me an email for an astrology reading!

Happy Weekend!


Venus Retrograde in Leo

Venus Retrograde in Leo: Saturday, July 25 at 2:29am Pacific

Venus is traveling through Leo in retrograde and shadow periods until October 9th, 2015. What does that mean for you? The part of your chart ruled by Leo is getting a supercharged makeover! Venus rules beauty, creativity, love, affection, friendship, attraction and money. Leo is about light, leadership, healing, beauty, physicality, standing out boldly, and being led by the heart.

In retrograde we reassess our relationships and attitudes about Love. With Venus in Leo, you might start a new creative path, update your wardrobe, begin a singing career or re-explore your childlike nature. Art and style take center stage. Old lovers and relationships often resurface for further healing or resolution - but wait for Venus's forward motion before beginning any kind of committed relationship.

Sometimes new romantic possibilities show up in a Venus Retrograde. If that happens, take it a day at a time and don't get swept off your feet. Keep your discernment. Don't fight the attraction or share too much, just go slow. There's nothing to regret or be worried about - people can find their soul mates at this time too! You have to wait for Venus to go Direct before you will know how things will play out.

Embrace the role you're currently playing and go all out! You need to DO YOU!! What's the most important thing on your agenda? What needs attention and care? What have you been neglecting? Life is meant to be Lived.

When Venus retrogrades (every 18 months), it is said to enter the underworld because it disappears from our view in the evening sky. The Underworld is the realm of Persephone, and symbolizes a visit to our shadow side. We delve down into the dark and lose our way, only to face the shadowy thoughts and rejected parts of ourselves. We have the chance to bring them to the light and heal them, embrace them and let them go.

Venus's visit to the Underworld is from August 9th to August 21st when she rises at dawn as the Morning Star. This heralds a new cycle in our lives!

"Look for 14° Leo – 0° Virgo in you chart. What planets are there, what aspects will be made? Look back 8 years ago, when Venus made her retrograde in this part of your chart.

Her retrograde begins at zero Virgo – July 25th
Venus retrogrades for approx 40 days and 40 nights. This is a time of retreat, doing something significant as one cycle ends and another begins. A letting go of what is no longer necessary, frees us up to enjoy further the next phase.
Venus disappears into the Sun’s beams – mid August
As Venus will no longer be visible, we await her return as the morning star in about 2 weeks, this period heralds a time, like a dark moon phase, but longer, where we make plans, sit with our own desires and work on how we can manifest them as Venus comes to light again as part of her next cycle.

Venus Makes her next rx star point at 23 Leo – 16th August
All points made with the Sun are significant, as the Sun embraces Venus into his heart. The coming together is the merging of our purpose and our desires. A potent seed of potentiality is reborn and it’s best to clarify what that is.What is the next creative and fertile cycle of Venus about? In 9 months Venus joins the Sun again in it’s outer conjunction, at 14 Gemini, what needs to be delivered , or be manifest by then?"

- Cosmic Intelligence Association