Full Moon in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries, and the fiery red eclipse, occurred last night after 7:00pm Pacific. It’s still happening though! An eclipse of this magnitude takes three months to roll out into our lives, AND the Moon is still in Aries today. The Full Moon is still in effect, and Aries is the most spontaneous sign of all – it leaps forward without thinking of the big picture.

The message? Don’t do anything impulsive today! Or this week! Give things some time to mature before taking action – preferably after October 10, 2015 when the Mercury Retrograde is over.

This is a potent unfolding of energy – inspiring us to find a new direction. If something doesn’t feel authentic then we will release it in the next few months. It’s time to finally let go of whatever is holding you back – whether it’s a thought, relationship or situation. Be bold and courageous and follow your heart!

Here's some great horoscopes by Ed Tamplin:

Aries or Aries Rising: The emotional focus of the Lunar Eclipse is strongly affecting those born early in Aries, meaning the March born. This can play out in a shifting focus on relationships. It enables you to see the big picture on something, providing greater exposure as well as perspective. It also helps in bringing something to fruition in the areas of home and family change. The Moon’s accommodating aspect to pleasure planet Venus should also benefit birthdays around mid April early this week.

Taurus or Taurus Rising: The late September Lunar Eclipse suits taking a welcome and rejuvenating break from regular activities. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends then you’ll certainly be noticing the after effects. This eclipsing energy also suits bringing a matter to a constructive conclusion and helping you finalize the overhanging details of an ongoing arrangement. The April and also early May born Taureans should feel the eventual benefits of this by midweek.

Gemini or Gemini Rising: ‘I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than alone in the light.’ They are the words of Helen Keller, the first deaf/blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. But it was her enduring friendship with inspirational teacher Anne Sullivan that totally transformed Helen’s once limited world. This week’s lunar eclipse casts light on your house of friends, bringing associates and associations increasingly into the picture. Something is putting you on a ‘universal wavelength’ of connections with a greater purpose.  

Cancer or Cancer Rising: When your ruler the moon gets totally eclipsed Cancer – you feel it emotionally. Okay squeeze the stress ball - you have the right to get crabby. Leading into this current lunar blackout, may not have been the easiest of times. Moreso if you are June born. Situations that cannot be avoided are forcing you into taking more decisive action. The corker? Sometimes you have to take a step backward in order to build greater impetus for your actual advance.

Leo or Leo Rising: When you’re driving, it pays to look at the car in front. But only looking at the car in front means you would soon lose your way. This eclipse is about reorientation. Have immediate events, or someone else’s priorities distracted you from your purpose? Have you lost sight of the big picture and ended up lost in the back roads. By Wednesday the Moon will favorably angle to Venus in Leo. It’s putting you back on track – allowing you to refocus on the important directions that will take you places. It’s even good for real travel too.

Virgo or Virgo Rising: Remember this. You don’t have to give it out. You have a claim to ownership and a right to privacy. This lunar eclipse affects what you’re willing to share. That’s why being more attentive to financial partnerships, loans and investments, dual occupancies, is a smart thing. Wherever the actions of others have an effect on your security or future resources is about as important as it gets. If it isn’t for mutual gain – then someone is getting deuced.

Libra or Libra Rising: This week’s illuminating lunar eclipse, is casting a new light upon an important alliance. Take note, especially if your birthday falls late September. The days ahead will provide valuable insights into someone close or offer new answers to old questions. Beginning October, the Libran Sun is hooking in with cerebral Mercury, meaning communication and negotiations are all the more significant. Deals or appointments made this week may have important developments three weeks from now.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising: The Lunar Eclipse is spotlighting your house of habit, health and well-being. As with all eclipses when one light goes out, another one switches on. Old habits die hard but this is the week to begin that process. Take it one step at a time. The way you are doing something (and this is probably job-related) is now due for an urgent overhaul. You’re not meant to be a slave to the wheel – there are easier ways

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising: When the lunar eclipse shines a light into your house of leisure and pleasure, it’s time to live it up. It pays to get the essential chores out of the way giving you time to party in style. This eclipse also impacts positively on your romantic life and helps provide creative insights toward your natural gifts. It’s a signal to play to your undoubted strengths and develop your talents. It’s never too late to follow your bliss. 

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising: The end of the month is the time for juggling those important career decisions, and can put you in high achievement mode. The accompanying lunar eclipse is also asking whether you're in the right place or receiving sufficient emotional support. It can bring family, or a maternal influence, into the picture. In areas of relationship, this involves building stronger bonds, and is productive for working partnerships and those with a greater objective purpose.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising: The Lunar Eclipse is acting like a reboot button affecting your communications and thinking. It may bring new information to the table that changes the equation. Situations can also be changing in the lives of siblings or within your immediate neighborhood. The overall effect may hold benefits for you, and the last week is a positive period for renegotiating something that didn't work out first time around. 

Pisces or Pisces Rising: The current lunar eclipse appears in your house of assets, earning capacity and financial futures. Full Moon eclipses are always an eye opener. This one concerns self-worth. Are you getting your just rewards, or do you feel that you’re selling yourself short on something. The only person that can fix that is you. It’s time to begin changing some values, re-arranging fiscal plans and this period can even be shedding some light on fresh income streams.


Happy Autumnal Equinox

 Feast Of Fauns And Nymphs by Moritz Stifter (1857 – 1905)

Happy Autumnal Equinox! Mabon is the second harvest festival of the year and signifies the Sun's entrance into Libra. It's an ancient celebration of equal day and equal night!  We are at a balance point - from here the days grow shorter. 

Equinox, Wednesday, Sept. 23rd, 2015: Sun enters Libra at 1:21am, Moon in Aquarius. Our focus for the next month is on relationships, balance, art and beauty. With Venus in Leo trining Uranus in Aries there's a strong desire for authenticity. Expect flashes of insight regarding the important people in your life. It's a breath of fresh air.

Today is the last day of the Sun in Virgo, so wrap up any loose ends regarding health, details and organization. Mercury is currently retrograde at 14 degrees Libra, near to Lilith and squaring Pluto (and the Moon in a couple days), so this is a cathartic cleansing allowing us to evolve emotionally.

AND Pluto is stationing (standing still) in the skies preparing to turn Direct on Friday. All the deep work we've been doing on ourselves the past few months is now put into practice. Pluto helps us clear any toxic blocks we have between our conscious life and our souls, allowing us to lead more meaningful lives.
The other big news this week is the build up to Sunday's Lunar Eclipse in Aries. It's going to be very intense - particularly with relationships. Mars in Virgo will be squaring Saturn in Sagittarius (both at 0 degrees!) and the Moon in Pisces, creating tension and an urge to take action. The vibe is pragmatic though... take your time and think things out carefully.

Avoid touchy people and challenging social situations! Much better to stay at home with a good book or movie. The focus is more on Saturn's stability and discipline and building foundations that stand the test of time. That goes for people in your life too. Surround yourself with people on your wave length that are trustworthy and authentic.

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Why get a reading?

I find when I give a person a reading, I help them clarify their thoughts and find the direction that serves them best with their present circumstances. For me, it’s sometimes less about being “psychic” and more about READING ENERGY in the PRESENT. We create our futures by focusing on the next step of this moment. What path will you choose of the hundreds set before you?
“The true power of a reading is to help you see how you are creating your future right this minute. Where you are now and the choices you have are the results of decisions you’ve made before-it’s all about choices.”
– Nancy Antenucci & Melanie A. Howard


New Moon eclipse in Virgo at 11:40pm Pacific

There's a powerful New Moon happening tonight at 11:40pm Pacific. It's an eclipse which amplifies it into a major turning point in our lives. Think about what you would like to start and take some action towards it at this exact time tonight.

Because it's a New Moon, setting your intention at this time will spark tremendous forward motion for you!

The sign of Virgo rules the digestive system - it represents the assimilation of knowledge. We become systematic and practical in defining goals and accomplishing them. Because Virgo rules details and accuracy, it also rules ritual magick. We neutrally examine our lives and put plans into action.

Virgo is the sign of getting your chores done and taking care of business. What is your first step of action?


Venus Direct

This is a week of culmination.

The planet Venus returned to Direct (forward) motion on Sunday at 14 degrees Leo. Since June 22nd she's retraced her steps - setting off a purging of toxic sludge from our relationships. It's a 44 day re-calibration that happens once every two years.

Each of us experienced a transformation in how we view our partnerships. There's new clarity on what's working and what not. Some people shifted out of outworn relationships and still others found a soul mate. We were forced to let go and allow the universe to guide us to our next phase.

We've gleaned wisdom from our depths.

Now that Venus is direct we can assimilate all these wonderful insights. It's time to get real with yourself and what you really want - and with this event happening in Leo it's OK to put yourself first. In fact it's recommended you do that from now on.

Don't know the name or artist of this work!!! let me know if you recognize it.

Leo is the sign of the Sun and rules heart, meaning, playfulness, accomplishment and being noticed. Leo is the leader, wants the best of everything and demands dignity and respect. If you're not getting your fair amount of stage time and attention in your relationship, then sit back on your throne and kick that foolishness to the curb. Embrace the Queen or King in you!

Assimilation is the key word for the rest of September as the Sun and Jupiter roll through Virgo together. They join up with the Moon this weekend for a New Moon Eclipse! This heralds a powerful rebirth towards achieving our goals.

This week is the dark of the moon... the prelude to Saturday's eclipse in Virgo. Wrap up loose ends and prepare for rebirth. It's time to clean up our mess and streamline our lives. Let go of people that suck your energy, and set boundaries with relationships that aren't going anywhere. Dig deep.