Happy Halloween

Orange to Black
Orange to Black
and Black to Orange with Smiling Jack

All Hallows Eve has arrived. Our celebration is even more magickal this year as Halloween stands on the eve of one of the most important US elections in history. Trickster is one of the rulers of Halloween and is presiding over November 4th as well (cross all your fingers and toes). Hecate, the great dark goddess of sorcery and magic also walks among us, but her interest lies in helping us release anything we've outgrown that no longer serves us.

What will you offer to Hecate's altar this Halloween? What will you sacrifice to be burned in her altar flame?

Hecate also rules childbirth. She can also in manifesting the new life you want to bring forth. She is hugely powerful, and can hear your quietest whispers.....see your deepest thoughts and desires. Don't hesitate to call on her, the Mother of us All.

Hecate is often envisioned as a trinity in and of herself as well, and has three heads, symbolizing the access she had to heaven, earth and the underworld. She often carries a torch and a knife, the torch symbolizing her connection to the moon and night and the knife as her role of one the midwives that hid Zeus before his father, Cronus, could consume him.

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