Vernal Equinox: Plant the Seed

The Spring Equinox marks more than the revolutions of the Earth and the Sun, it's a time that we can use to set goals and map a course for the rest of the year.

It's a highly energetic and magical time of year! I've been watching the world bursting into bloom for the past week. The air is thick with pollen. I have crows battling for mates in my backyard during the day and raccoons doing god-knows-what in my backyard at night. There were some unearthly sounds back there at 4am last night:)

Equinox = equal day and equal night.

The light is growing and the days are getting longer, but the vernal equinox is about balance. This is the time of year when our ancestors would plant the crops that would grow and ripen in the summer sun. The harvest would come in the Fall. This cycle is an ancient one, and reflects how we first came to survive on this planet and live in harmony with the Earth.

And the cool thing is, you can grow MORE than vegetables!

If you want to increase something this year, plant the seed for it today, Saturday March 20th! For me, "planting the seed" usually means taking some type of seed - I use wheat seeds from my family's farm in Canada - and planting it in the ground near my house. As you plant the seed say to yourself "I plant this seed so that I may grow ____________ this year in my life. I pray for an abundant harvest this Fall".

You can say anything as long as it comes from your heart:)

And you can plant ANYTHING! You can plant more than one thing too, but simple is always better.
I planted self esteem two years in a row and it worked miraculously.

You can plant:
advancement at work
a creative project
good health for your family and friends
Sex or a relationship
a wider social circle
peace of mind

Pretty much anything you need to increase in your life right now. Whatever you plant will grow this summer, and you will "harvest" it this Fall. Don't worry I'll remind you about that too.

I think it's a good idea to write it down somewhere, like in a journal or something..... maybe share it with a few close friends... but other than that don't talk about it too much. It's a gift for YOU.

So what are you going to plant??

Horoscopes coming Monday!!

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