November 2010 horoscopes ~ Scorpio Sagittarius

This picture is "The Magician" by Emmanuel Polanco. He's an extraordinary French illustrator who's designed and created his own tarot cards and other unique pieces of art! I've included more of them below, I think they are really amazing.

The astrology for the rest of 2010 is also quite significant! Most of the inner planets have been hovering in Scorpio or nearby for the past several weeks. We're currently in a Venus retrograde, causing us to rewind and reevaluate our relationships and creative projects.

But THIS THURSDAY both Venus and Jupiter (Love and Fortune) will turn Direct at practically the same time giving a HUGE positive boost to the upcoming week. Watch retail sales go through the roof!

Over the next few weeks we will turn our attention to Sagittarius and a Full Moon eclipse in Gemini... just as Mercury turns Retrograde.

So hang onto your hats! Be prepared for the Year of the Tiger to go out with a bang! That's how the tiger does things.

Aries:  The Ram
You must feel pretty good these days! Your ruler, Mars, jumped into Sagittarius last week giving you a tremendous rush of optimism and energy. You can make a lot of things happen now so take action. The Sun will be joining Mars in a week giving even more resolve to your endeavors. Think about your life perspective, and what corner of your life needs your attention the most. 

Taurus:   The Bull
All of the inner planets have been traveling through Scorpio the last few weeks, which shines a giant spotlight on your house of Love and Partnerships. Your ruler, Venus, has been traveling backwards, forcing you to reexamine the past. Hopefully there’s some new clarity on which relationships work and don’t work in your life. The fantastic big news is that Venus will be turning Direct this Thursday, giving you a huge positive influx of energy! All of this in time for a Full Moon in Taurus this Sunday. Expect things to reach a high point or completion over the weekend.

Gemini:  The Twins

Mercury, your ruler, is currently moving through your House of Relationships, allowing for lightning fast communications in the important areas of your life. Now is the time for you to set your course for the rest of the year. What would you like to see happen in the next couple of months? I bring this up because Mercury will go Retrograde Dec. 10, so you want everything in place by then! Also, this Thursday Nov. 18, Jupiter (Good Fortune) will be turning Direct in your Career House! It's a great time to ask for a raise or take a risk.

Cancer:  The Crab

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars have all been crossing the deep ocean of Scorpio the last few weeks. For you this means tremendous focus on Love and Creativity. Venus has been going Retrograde (backwards), bringing up issues from the past to be healed. For the next few weeks the focus is shifting to your work life and habits, but first enjoy the coming weekend! The Full Moon on Sunday will be lighting up your House of Friendships, so It will be a great time to be sociable.

Leo:  The Lion

You've seen some tough days lately with your ruler, the Sun, in Scorpio; with the Sun's entrance into Sagittarius Monday (11/22) you will really begin to enjoy yourself again. Romance and Creativity will be highlighted for the next few weeks. This Thursday, Venus goes Direct in your House of Communications, giving you great clarity with negotiations, writing and ideas! Meanwhile the Full Moon on Sunday sheds a positive light on your career.

Virgo:  The Virgin

This Thursday the planet Jupiter (Fortune) will be turning Direct in your House of Partnerships! It will send a boost of positive energy to your important relationships, just as the Full Moon illuminates your Perspective on Sunday. The Sun's entrance into Sagittarius next week heralds a month long focus on your foundations - namely your Home and Security.

Libra:  The Scales

You are going to have a great week since your ruler, Venus, will be turning Direct in Libra on Thursday! It's an out flowing of very fortunate energy so enjoy it! On the same day Jupiter (Luck) will be turning Direct in your House of Work! Watch for fortunate events around the workplace and your daily habits.

Scorpio:  The Scorpion
Everything is so great in your corner of the sky, I don't even know where to start! The inner planets have been hanging out in your sign for several weeks bringing insight, super human powers and lots of attention. You've had the drive and discipline to really get things accomplished, which makes for a fabulous birthday! And there's more - Jupiter, planet of Luck is turning Direct in your House of Love this Thursday, and Venus (Love) is going Direct a few hours later! It's a very rare and amazing positive boost, culminating with the Full Moon in your House of Partnerships on Sunday. 

Sagittarius:  The Archer
Your life has picked up the pace since Mercury entered your sign last week! The messenger planet is delivering a strong dose of vitality to all your ambitions. This Thursday there’s more good news! Your ruler, Jupiter (Good Fortune and Luck) is going Direct in Pisces, which basically sends a wave of fortunate energy to your House of Home, Security and Family! Then Monday, Nov. 22, the Sun will be moving into your sign heralding the start of your birthday season! It’s going to be a great one.


Capricorn:  The Sea Goat
Your social life has kicked into high gear the last few weeks with the Scorpio sun traveling through your House of Friendships. Things might take a more romantic turn with the Full Moon in Taurus this Sunday. The full moon will shine in your House of Romance and Creativity, so it’s a great weekend for self-expression! Meanwhile, your ruler Saturn continues his slow and careful journey through your House of Career, creating deep opportunities for you to grow, mature and prosper.


Aquarius:  The Water Bearer
There’s been a huge focus on your career sector the past few weeks with the Scorpio Sun traveling through your 10th House. On top of that, Venus, the planet of beauty and attraction has been going backwards in Scorpio, asking you to rewind some of your ambitions, business partnerships or negotiations. There will be relief this Thursday when Jupiter, giver of Luck and Fortune turns Direct in your money house!


Pisces:  The Fish
This week will have many wonderful and unexpected surprises for you. In fact it’s one of the best weeks of 2010! Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune will be turning Direct in Pisces on Thursday, sending many opportunities your way. This won’t happen again for 12 years so make the most of it! Meanwhile the Sun has been traveling through your House of Perspective the last few weeks, giving you revelations. With the Sun’s entrance into Sagittarius this Sunday, the focus will shift to your career for the coming month.

The Fool

The Emperor

The Wheel of Fortune

The Hanged Man

The Star

The Moon

The Sun


  1. Great horoscopes and really interesting cards. Thanks Liz! -Chhi'med

  2. thanks so much! Those cards are off the hook..