Don't Fear the Reaper: Fall 2012 horoscopes

Saturn, the reaper, is one of my favorite planets. It rules time, structure, fear, discipline, ambition, commitment and maturity. Saturn changes signs every two years and takes 28 years to make a complete cycle around the Sun - hence the "Saturn Return" or coming of age when we turn 28 years old. With Saturn, we reap what we sow.

On October 5th Saturn changes signs from Libra to Scorpio which is VERY significant. For the last two years our subtle focus has been on partnerships, balance and commitment. Now the Reaper is entering the sign of Sex and Death for the next two years. Yikes. Scorpio is also the sign of extremes. It rules how high you can go and how low you can fall. It represents death, decay and rebirth as well as sex. It is alchemy - turning a person's leaden nature into pure gold.

Both Saturn and Scorpio are intense, focused and brutally honest. Both of them represent the transformation of the individual on a deep level. Saturn's intensity will now be focused like a laser beam on personal evolution and rebirth. If you've been lacking discipline and responsibility, you're about to get a wake up call!

Onto the horoscopes! I will look at the influence of Saturn on your sign, as well as the position of your ruler. Reading your sun sign is important, but it's also good to read the sign that relates to your Rising sign. If you don't know your rising sign (also called the ascendant), you can figure it out on the Free Horoscopes link at astro.com.

Aries:  The Ram
You still have Uranus (sudden events, originality) in your sign sending you all sorts of wild ideas (this will be going on for the next ten years, fyi). With this placement you have the capacity to be shocking. Have you dyed your hair purple or moved across the country yet? It could happen. The good news is Venus (love) is about to move into your House of Romance on September 7th! It's a great time to start a romance or begin creative projects. 

Saturn's entrance into Scorpio falls into your House of Loans and Real Estate, which might make it challenging to secure credit. With Saturn you "reap what you sow", so if your finances are a mess it's time to get organized! Saturn has a way of forcing issues if you don't take the initiative.

Taurus:   The Bull
The astrological action this Fall will be transiting your House of Partnerships. It will be important for you to keep communications clear with relationships in your life. The good news is your ruler, Venus, will be moving through Leo, Virgo and Libra which are very harmonious signs for Taurus.

With Saturn, and Mars, entering Scorpio (Partnerships House) your relationships could encounter challenges and emotional flare ups. On the other hand, Mars might make you more sociable! Saturn brings up issues around security and Mars can bring a short fuse. Try to keep communications open and your side of the street clean. And take some time for reflection before committing to any partnerships - in your business OR social life.

Gemini:  The Twins

Your ruler, Mercury, is currently moving through your House of Communications which is very fortunate! Your usual mental clarity has been taken up a notch. If you have any writing to do, now is the time.
Saturn moving into Scorpio will fall into your House of Work and Health. If you feel it's time for a new job, don't hesitate to update your resume and start looking. Saturn sets people free from stagnant situations. Or if you want to renew your commitment to your job, Saturn supports that as well. The next two years are a great time to start a new work out routine too.

Cancer:  The Crab

With Venus (planet of Love) transiting Cancer, you are on easy street for the next month or so. Venus brings friends, warmth, romance and money! Meanwhile, on the other side of your chart, Pluto in Capricorn brings some powerful personalities into your life. Don't be put off by the dark, brooding types for those relationships hold the seeds of personal transformation.
Saturn entering the deep ocean of Scorpio will bring tremendous focus on Love and Creativity. Now is the time to tackle anything creative that takes persistence and focus to accomplish. Saturn will make you dead serious about dating too. No frilly affairs, laziness or procrastination for the next two years. You mean business.

Leo:  The Lion
Mercury was traveling Retrograde in Leo through your birthday season this year! That could have caused delays with projects and misunderstandings with people. The good news is its all over now! Your ruler the Sun has entered Virgo (your Money House) bringing good financial news your way. Venus will be entering Leo on September 7th boosting your sex appeal. The Fall season will be great for your love life.
Saturn's transition into Scorpio on October 5th heralds a two year focus on your foundations - namely Home and Security. You might resolve some unfinished business with roommates or strike out on your own. Saturn can bring new maturity to the personal side of your life. According to Grant Lewi, this is the time to find a direction that will spark a new rise in your life.

Virgo:  The Virgin

The Sun is in Virgo heralding your annual solar return (birthday). Your ruler, Mercury, is Direct for the next few months so it's a time of forward motion. Mercury is moving fast through Virgo, Libra and Scorpio this Fall. You will be putting a lot of focus onto getting organized and negotiating relationships.
Saturn's entrance into Scorpio (House of Communications) will bring a new seriousness and depth to how you express yourself over the next two years. Honesty, truth and trust will become the key factor in your relationships. If you can't be authentic with people they will get the boot.

Libra:  The Scales

Mars and Saturn are in the last degrees of Libra and you are about to experience a release of pressure! Saturn has been transiting your sign for the past two years forcing you to face the reality and structure of your life. Hopefully you've ironed out any lingering identity issues and are ready to take a more decisive approach to life's challenges.
With Saturn entering Scorpio on October 5th, the realistic eye of Saturn turns to your financial life. It's time to get organized and create a solid budget. If there's some area of your career that requires persistence and commitment, you will be over supplied with those qualities.

Scorpio:  The Scorpion
Scorpio will get a massive power boost. Your ruling planet, Mars, will be entering your sign along with Saturn this Fall.  It means you can put ambition together with perfect timing - a winning combination. Saturn will wrap you in a leaden blanket of support, giving you greater protection for the next two years. As for love, you will have a tremendous amount of sex appeal!
The main thing for you though, is reflection and new growth around how you see yourself. Saturn moving into Scorpio is the start of a period of self reflection and clarification of your identity and your path on this planet. Who do you want to be?

Sagittarius:  The Archer

Your ruler, Jupiter (Good Fortune and Luck), is transiting your House of Partnerships. This is a fantastic time to make connections that will bring prosperity into your life. Now is the time to negotiate for what you want! Business relationships are highlighted.

Saturn moving into Scorpio on October 5th ushers in a time to purge the situations, behaviors and negative thoughts that hold you back. Resolve the parts of your life that feel vague or undefined, because in two years Saturn will be entering your sign. This will usher in a new phase of your life. By spending the next two years on purification, you will be ready.

Capricorn:  The Sea Goat
Your horoscope this Fall is VERY interesting. Your ruler, Saturn, is entering Scorpio, while Scorpio's ruling planet, Pluto, is in Capricorn. This is referred to as "mutual reception" which means Authority (Saturn) meets Revolution (Pluto). Both of these planets and signs are extreme so there could be brilliant discoveries and brutal revolutions played out on the world stage. This is a very rare event that will effect us on a personal level too. Who has authority over us and is it time for a radical change? The last time this configuration happened was 1776 - the Revolutionary War in America.
This drama will be occurring in your House of Friendships. There might be some friendships that need a realistic assessment. You might receive a new leadership role at work, or there might be extra responsibilities involving groups of people at work. This is a time of great personal revolution for you that will lead to a more meaningful future.

Aquarius:  The Water Bearer
Your ruler, Uranus, is in Aries for the next decade giving you inspiration and tons of energy. Also, Jupiter (Good Fortune) is transiting your House of Romance and Creativity! There's a real chance to meet a very special someone over the next several months so get out there and socialize!

Saturn's move into Scorpio on October 5th falls in your 10th House of Career and Public Image. With Saturn you reap what you've sown, so if there's any unfinished issues or fears regarding career they will come up now. It's a good thing because it gives you the opportunity to build a solid foundation for your life.

Pisces:  The Fish
You have a deep connection to your creativity and imagination right now, since your ruler, Neptune, has come home to your sign. It's an incredibly fortuitous moment for you. Beware of issues around addiction surfacing too. Be vigilant about your tendencies toward escapism and keep the focus on accomplishing goals.

Saturn moving into Scorpio brings a spotlight onto your 9th House of Life Perspective and Education. You are more than willing to put in the time, persistence and hard work to make your dreams a reality. What you do now will set the direction of your life for the next five years.

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