Full Moon in Virgo with Mercury Retrograde

Today is a Full Moon in Virgo, which is a great time to get organized, clean your house, or start a new health plan. People might feel more focused today, taking on situations requiring efficiency, decisiveness and attention to detail. There are a couple of "wild cards" in the mix with this Full Moon, since Mercury just went retrograde in Pisces on Saturday, and Jupiter is forming a square (tension) with this Full Moon. What this means is that our plans might be delayed or develop in ways we don't forsee - which can be for the better sometimes. The square with Jupiter points to blocks or distractions we might need to crack in order to reach the treasure on the other side.

I see the Full Moon as a time of fruition - it's the harvest part of the cycle since the Moon has reached it's peak for this month. It's a time to look at developments over the last two weeks while the moon has been growing in size. Perhaps do a check in and see if there's a need o resolve an issue, make amends, or get grounded. Usually I keep in mind where the Sun and Moon are in the sky and think of what part of my life that effects. For instance, the Sun is currently in Pisces (intuition, dreaminess) and The Full Moon is in Virgo. How do we take practical steps towards achieving our dreams?

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