Summer Solstice & Horoscopes

Welcome to the High Point of Light and the Summer Solstice. This is the longest day of the year - the time of greatest light and therefore a time of huge celebration! Cultures from around the world and across the centuries have celebrated this day as a sacred time. The seeds we planted on the Spring Equinox are now blooming vigorously in anticipation of the harvest ahead.

There's a lot of movement in the skies right now. It's interesting to me that at this time of greatest light, we have six planets in water signs! People might be more emotional, sensitive or nostalgic right now. Mercury has led the way into the sign of Cancer, but is about to retrograde next week on June 26th. If you have important decisions to make or contracts to sign, NOW is the time. Venus follows close behind Mercury - the two of them making a trine with Saturn in Scorpio. This aspect gives you fantastic timing in the arenas of love and business.

The Sun's entrance into Cancer today heralds the Summer Solstice. There's an added bonus this year however, as Jupiter enters Cancer next week for a year-long stay. This is a remarkably lucky alignment! To see how this beneficial development will effect you personally, check out my horoscopes below.

Check out the horoscopes below for your Sun sign AND your Rising sign. For my horoscopes the Rising Sign is the most important aspect. You can figure out your Rising sign (or Ascendant) here for free.

Aries:  The Ram 
Sun and Jupiter in Cancer shines in your Home and places where you spend most of your time. You have the ability to drastically improve your living situation right now, and if anything changes around your home, you can assume it's for the better. Now is the time to clear the clutter because good luck will be flowing into your home over the next year, and you want to make room for it! Just be careful not to overspend on luxury for your house, stay within your means. The Fourth House also symbolizes the foundation of your being, so some positive insights about yourself might develop.

Taurus:   The Bull
The Sun and Jupiter are dancing in your House of Communication. You might be wanting some attention or acknowledgment from the people in your life and you will get it! This will be a sociable and fast-paced year for you. Family relationships are highlighted, everything goes smoothly. With Saturn directly opposite you in Scorpio, you could also find your love and business partners are solid and dependable this year.

Gemini:  The Twins 
The Sun and Jupiter make a powerful, auspicious team in your House of Money. And Jupiter (Good Luck) will be there for the next YEAR! If you're restless in your job now is the time to find something enormously better. Money might come from unexpected sources too. Just be careful about accumulating too much stuff, because Jupiter is expansive too. Insights about yourself come from things you value.

Cancer:  The Crab 
The two largest and most positive planets in the sky are shining down on you right now. It's your birthday and the universe is conspiring to give you HUGE presents. Riches will come to you from the way you experience the world - from your confidence, which is about to shoot sky high. It's a good time for a health regimen since Jupiter can make you gain weight. Insights will come regarding your appearance and identity. This will be one of the luckiest years of your life.

Leo:  The Lion 
Jupiter and the Sun are brightening up your House of Self Undoing, shining light into some of the dark corners of your mind. Sometimes the month before one's birthday can be challenging, but with these two bright lights in your 12th House, things will be much easier for you. What are some of your negative habits that no longer serve you? What do you need to let go of? This is a hugely positive placement because these planets are lighting up your Blind Spot, giving you a unique chance to see things you don't always see.

Virgo:  The Virgin 
The Sun and Jupiter are shining in your House of Friendships. This means riches and opportunity will flow from your friends and social circle for the next year. It might not just be money either - maybe support, help or wisdom. You might make some new wealthy friends too! This is also the area of Hopes and Wishes and with Jupiter and the Sun here, you might have some huge aspirations. Just remember to do the practical work to make them manifest.

Libra:  The Scales 
The two largest and most positive planets in the sky are shining in your House of Career! Now is DEFINITELY the time to ask for a raise (actually late July is best, after the Mercury Retrograde) or look for that whale of a job. Opportunities and career expansion are yours for the next year - people in authority will become your benefactors and your timing will be perfect. Make good use of this influence 'cause it only happens once every twelve years.

Scorpio:  The Scorpion 
The Sun and Jupiter will be lighting up your House of Perspective for the next year along with Saturn (Timing & Harvest) in Scorpio! Now is a good time to take a trip or go back to school because your timing is impeccable and the universe will support it. You could train for a lucrative career right now. With Saturn in Scorpio, the whole structure of your life is changing. Most of the Scorpios I know (me included) have started exercise routines.

Sagittarius:  The Archer 
The Sun/Jupiter conjunction impacts your House of Other People's Money - which puts you on easy street for the next year. Riches come through banks, lenders and real estate, just don't bite off more than you can chew. With this placement, people in authority will be impressed with you and give you whatever you want (pretty much). By the way... this house also rules sex :)

Capricorn:  The Sea Goat 
The Sun and Jupiter are moving into your House of Partnerships! Fulfillment and riches will come through relationships for the next year. Take a look at the partners in your life because they will take on a new importance. Jupiter can make people overconfident too, so just be aware of that. All in all this is a great year to make a serious commitment, enter into a business contract or to get married.

Aquarius:  The Water Bearer 
Jupiter and the Sun light up your House of Work and Health. I bet you'll get a raise or your job will become effortless. You'll have no trouble meeting your day to day expenses for the next year. Watch for a stroke of luck with regards to work and health. Jupiter can bring weight gain, so watch out for that too. 

Purple Rock Crab (Leptograpsus variegates)

Pisces:  The Fish 
The Sun (Fulfillment) and Jupiter (Riches) are in your House of Romance! This is very lucky, so I recommend you get out and socialize. You could experience a fulfilling relationship this year. This House also rules Creativity, so this is a highly expansive year for artists, musicians and writers. You could become prolific and find positive benefactors or a fan base. The art and love in your life are going to expand enormously.

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