Sun into Sagittarius

Sagittarius... The Wild Horse.
The sun entered Sagittarius this week kicking off the Sagittarian birthday season. The mood has lightened dramatically in the last few days - hopefully bringing insights and acceptance about the upheavals from early November. The first New Year celebration began November 1st (Halloween being the Witches New Year), and we are now moving towards the Winter Solstice on December 22nd - the rebirth of the Sun. Sagittarius, the sign of the Archer, means it's time for some goal setting.

The sign of Sagittarius brings:

  • Cravings for independence
  • Visions of the Big Picture of life
  • Desire to Travel
  • Restlessness when listening to others
  • Changes in Life Perspective
  • The need to expand
  • The yearning to be Outside in the fresh air
  • To wander and explore and take risks
  • To have adventures
  • To Aim yourself where you want to go and release the string

Just get out there and DO IT!!!!!

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