Horoscopes for August - September

New Moon in Virgo this morning at 7:13am PDT. Today we start fresh and begin a new month long moon cycle. Virgo is about cleaning up and attending to details.

Now is when we focus on our health and start new, positive habits. Virgo contains the seeds of success! It's the first harvest sign of the year, and signals our first move towards Fall. It's time to get serious and decide what or who we want to bring with us through the Winter.

Virgo succeeds because it is practical. It attends to details and because of it's Airy nature it uses scientific thinking rather than emotional communication. Virgo is the main sign that can set a goal and take practical steps to achieve it - therefore assuring success. If there's something you want to create what are the practical, mundane things that need to occur for it to happen? Burn yellow, gold and green candles for wealth.

I think Mother Nature is communicating with us too with that huge earthquake in Napa yesterday. Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury, and I found it interesting that the earth shook the day before this new moon.

The horoscopes below show the focus for the next month. Read your Sun sign, but look at your Rising sign or Ascendant too. This gives me the most accurate read for the month.
Aries:  The Ram
The Sun and Mercury are traveling through your House of Work and Health for the next few weeks. You will shine at work and it's a great time to negotiate with your boss. Try not to get swept up in other people's objectives and stay focused on your goals. Meanwhile, Jupiter, Venus and Lilith are hanging out in your House of Romance and Creativity - so that corner of your life should be getting a HUGE boost right now.

Taurus:   The Bull
This is a great time of year for you! Mercury and the Sun are traveling through your House of Romance! It's the most important part of life for Taureans. Your creativity is being activated the next few weeks too so write some poems for your sweetheart. Jupiter (luck), Lilith (equalizer) and Venus (love) are traveling through your Home, giving you the energy to redecorate the places you feel most secure - including yourself.

Gemini:  The Twins
The strong current of fortunate opportunity is running through your home life for the next few weeks. You can attract the people and resources you need to feel more secure... not just your Home but your state of mind too. It's a very powerful time for Gemini people. Jupiter (good luck) is now forging a path through your House of Communication. Expect harmonious negotiations with people.

Cancer:  The Crab
Good fortune will come to you through Communications over the next several weeks. This means person to person, but also through the computer. It's a great time to start an online business or other project. Reflect on your current path. With the Sun and Mercury here, the conditions are ripe for you to achieve a new level of fulfillment. Meanwhile, Jupiter (luck) and Venus (love) are in your Money House tossing financial opportunities in your direction for the next year.

Leo:  The Lion
You are a VERY lucky lion. Two fortunate planets - the Sun and Mercury - are moving through your Money House the next few weeks. This sends you great financial luck. September will be a great month and you will finally get some traction with money issues. Not only that but Jupiter (luck), Venus (love), and Lilith (rebellion) in your sign supercharge your life for the next year. This doesn't happen often so make the most of it.

Virgo: The Virgin
Happy Birthday! This is a fantastic time of year for you. Your ruler Mercury is in Virgo - giving you a lot of forward motion. Over the next few weeks you will go through your solar rebirth. It will touch on your appearance, how you interact with others and your overall approach to life. What would you like to see happen in your life over the next year?

Libra:   The Scales
You have some fortunate planets moving through your House of Spirituality. This brings the opportunity to undo your self sabotaging behaviors, which I think is the best gift of all. With Saturn and Mars in residence in your Money House, it's definitely time to get serious about your money goals in life. Prepare to have some obstacles cleared from your path. 

Scorpio:   The Scorpion
Good Fortune and Romance come through your social circle this month! This applies to contacts you make over the internet too. Meanwhile Jupiter (luck), Venus (love) and Lilith (bitch goddess) are moving forward through your Career House sending great opportunities your way. But the big news is your ruler, Mars (courage) and Saturn (responsibility) sitting in Scorpio. You're feeling intense drive to make solid strides in your goals. Busy month ahead.

Sagittarius:  The Archer
CAREER. PROMOTION. MONEY!! These are your buzzwords for the next month! The benefics (fortunate) planets, the Sun and Mercury, are in your Career giving you INCREDIBLE opportunities and luck! This part of your chart also rules the public face you show to the world, so it can mean a rise in status too! Jupiter (luck) is moving forward in your House of Other People's Money, so it's a fabulous time to negotiate agreements. You can't lose.

Capricorn:  The Sea Goat
The Sun and Mercury are moving through your House of Perspective and Travel over the next few weeks! You will gain new insights about your life, both in the present and where you're headed. Pay close attention to any revelations you have in September! Higher education is also enhanced so if you're heading to school you will have a blast - socially and in the classroom.

Aquarius:  The Water Bearer
The focus for September will be Banks, Credit and Shared Resources. The Sun and Mercury are beneficial influences in this area for you, so if you need a loan now's the time. If you're in the market for a new house, you will find the perfect one. Financial arrangements line up in your favor for the next month so make the most of it.

Pisces:  The Fish
Virgo is beaming some glorious relationship mojo your way for the next few weeks. It's a special time because Virgo is your polar opposite, meaning partnerships are highlighted. With Mercury and the Sun traveling through Virgo, you have strong positive force on your side. This is the month to find that special someone, or to deepen the bonds you already have with a partner. Business relationships will also be harmonious, and you can attract resources and prosperity.

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