Venus cycle 2014

Fantastic article describing the cycle of the planet Venus. 

Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency | The Venus Files – Venus cycle 2014

"The Return of the Goddess

December 4th 2014

After her sojourn, invisible, on her mission behind the Sun, Venus
returns to grace our evening skies again. We may feel as though we’ve
just come out of the underworld or a battle of survival somehow, but
what we have managed to accomplish has been about finding a strength and
confidence about ourselves mostly in relationships, with partners,
husbands, lovers , bosses and even friends. During this part of our
journey, we are stripped bare to show only the most authentic side of
ourselves, (see the Journey that began 60 days ago below, see  next page)

Now, we may feel still somewhat weakened, but ready to go, ready to
come out, the battle is over, phew and we can move on. With the rest of
the astrological make up right now, a strengthening Uranus Pluto Square ,
Uranus and Saturn also squaring each other by 135°  it is a call to
come out and start shining again and take no more %^&^!.

Venus as an evening star becomes much more chill, reflective, easier
to get on with as she is much better equipped and knows much better,
what and who to dedicate herself to.  You may not sense this straight
away, yet night after night till mid May 2015 Venus gets brighter in our
evening skies as she reinstates herself as the Guardian of the night,
the Queen of the heavens again."