NY Times: "Finding Success, Well Past the Age of Wunderkind"

In the skies today, Saturn in Sagittarius is squaring Mercury in Pisces. This brings weight and seriousness to our thinking and ideas. Saturn relates to age, structure and time, and since I turned 50 years old in November, I've been contemplating this energy and looking at the directions I want to pursue as I get older. I found this article very inspiring!

Link:  Finding Success, Well Past the Age of Wunderkind

“We absolutely have to revamp this idea of a linear pattern of accomplishment that ends when you’re 50 or 60,” said Karl A. Pillemer, a professor of gerontology at Cornell University, and author of, most recently, “30 Lessons for Loving.” “There are simply too many examples of people who bloom late, and it’s the most extraordinary time of their life.”

Mr. Pillemer, who has interviewed more than 1,500 people age 70 and older for the Legacy Project at Cornell, found that a large number of people said they had achieved a life dream or embarked on a worthwhile endeavor after age 65. “There was this feeling of somehow ‘getting it right’ at 50 or 60 or older,” he said, noting that this sentiment applies to creative efforts, relationships and work.

"Researchers distinguish between crystallized (general knowledge) and fluid (problem solving) intelligence. Crystallized intelligence tends to grow over a lifetime, whereas fluid intelligence usually declines after a person reaches the late 20s. That’s why deciding to become a mathematician or a chess master at age 50 usually does not work. “It is generally very difficult to get a late start in a field that requires lots of fluid intelligence from the get-go,” said Dean Keith Simonton, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis and author of “The Wiley Handbook of Genius.” 

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