Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

The heavens opened up on Long Island, NY yesterday and gave us this beautiful, rare image of a quadruple rainbow!

Meaning: This is a good omen for all of us. It's interesting that the number four is the number of Earth and stability, so it's a good omen for our planet too. Four also corresponds to the fourth sephiroth, Chesed, which is the planet Jupiter and symbolizes good fortune (amongst many other things). The planet Jupiter literally went Direct in Leo a couple weeks ago too, giving us forward movement in areas of our life that have stalled.

Rainbows themselves symbolize a bridge from our world to the divine world, and are portents of hope, promise, initiation and ascension. "As above, so below". It's light that's been transformed into something visible, which is powerful. In my mind it also represents unification of differing points of view amongst the peoples of our world.

OR it's a sign that all of us Californians should escape our drought by moving to NY :D

Stormy Weather Brings Rainbows On Long Island « CBS New York

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