Stephen Curry: Astrological Chart

As I'm sitting here watching the Warriors do battle with the Cavaliers, I'm struck by the accurate and lightning fast moves of Stephen Curry! His body to mind connection is top flight. You can see him sizing up a situation in a split second and taking sudden action. So I'm curious, what does his chart look like?

Very interesting!

Born: March 14, 1988 at 1:51 pm in Akron, OH
Sun in Pisces
Moon in Aquarius
Rising is Leo
Earth Dragon born in the hours of the Sheep

That's a LOT of intuition! Aquarius and Pisces are both ruled by outer planets, bringing an out-of-this-world attunement to higher vibrational levels.

Curry's Aquarius Moon is ruled by Uranus, giving him the ability of Science. He's able to disconnect from his emotions and think in a purely strategic, scientific and inventive way. Plus Aquarius is the sign of genius and originality. It also gives him the lightning fast reflexes.

His Sun in Pisces gives him psychic ability. He's able to sense what the other players are doing and take action in a split second. He can "feel" his way through a game using his strong intuitive abilities! And he's slippery like a fish.

The Leo Rising gives him his star quality and athleticism. Jupiter currently transiting his First House expands his visibility and recognition by the public - which is what the sign of Leo lives for since it's the sign of the superstar.

His Chinese sign of the Dragon gives him huge good fortune, and the Sheep side is again associated with genius and sensitivity! He's just born to stand out and excel.

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