Full Moon in Aquarius

I had an ELECTRIC ritual last night for the Full Moon in Aquarius! It's the brightest full moon of the year, and since Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (the planet of sudden events, electricity and invention) I decided to draw down some truth and inspiration. Silver has a mercurial quality to it, so I grabbed a silver candle.

I've long heard that Tonka bean is ruled by the planet Uranus - it's this weird, black, shriveled seed thing that smells AMAZING. A lot like vanilla. It's often used in Hoodoo, but I use it in spells relating to Aquarius or Uranus. I also brought out some lavender oil last night for Mercury (Mercury being a lower octave of Uranus) and I couldn't believe what I came up with!
I've never mixed it with lavender before and it's an amazing scent! The dreams I had last night were very vivid and I awoke with some amazing revelations about my life.
Magic Happens.

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