May/June Horoscopes!! Sun in Gemini

Mercury turned Direct last week, just in time for the sun's move into Gemini this Thursday, May 20th. It's a great time to get social and put your plans into action! Mercury is moving slowly through Taurus right now, so take a practical look at the ideas you have, and build a solid foundation for them. The horoscopes below take the sun into account, as well as the ruler of your sign and the huge alignments coming this summer!

Aries:  The Ram

      First, your ambitions: your ruler, Mars, is still in Leo until June 6th! Get clear on what's most important to you and your heart, and then spend the next two weeks pouring your energy into these projects! With Mercury and the Sun's influence it's a great time to solidify agreements too.
     On the Love front you need to be sweet to your partner because Venus is going into Cancer. This means SENSITIVE... which is not your strongest point. Lots of money and exciting sudden changes coming in June!

Taurus:  The Bull

      This year's birthday transformed you. Hopefully you've come out the other side filled with vigor and ready to charge ahead. Mercury turned around in Taurus last week and is slowly gaining momentum. You can finally move forward with your plans and even make some new ones!
     Regarding Love, Saturn is turning Direct in Virgo (your house of Love) on May 31st. Since January there's been a deeper understanding of you and your relationship. Now you'll move forward with your partner in a deeper and more mature way. Your ruler, Venus, is going into Cancer - placing the emphasis on communicating.

Gemini:  The Twins

      It's birthday season! The Sun enters Gemini this Thursday, May 20th putting the spotlight on YOU! Your ruler Mercury is now going Direct - ready to send some wonderful presents your way. Mercury is still plodding through Taurus, but will pick up speed and enter your sign on June 10th. Be gentle with yourself as you practice manifesting the deep growth you've had over the past few weeks.
     Venus is entering Cancer this week (your House of Finances) which is very fortunate! Venus attracts, and here it attracts MONEY... also what you value and your security. In June there will be a big focus on friendships, and this summer your social life will set off fireworks.

Cancer:  The Crab

      Venus, planet of Love and Beauty will be entering your sign this week! It will give you an unearthly glow and people will be drawn to you. I know you are the zodiac's homebody, but the next month is your time to stand out and be noticed! Leave your crab shell at home and get out and meet people. With Mercury still trudging through Taurus, there's lots of restructuring going on in your house of Friendships.
      This is also the time of contemplation before your birthday season. The Gemini Sun will illuminate and guide you down the back roads of your hidden potentials, preparing you for solar rebirth in late June. Pay attention to the fertile ground of visions and ideas that float through your mind. They will lead you in the best direction for the year ahead.

Leo:  The Lion

      All the drive and fire you've been feeling on a personal level the last few months is about to shift. On June 6th Mars leaves Leo for Virgo, and sets off a purge and reorganization of your financial world. This is a good thing because Saturn has been marching backwards thru your financial house for several weeks causing all sorts of challenges and instability. Mars is a powerful driving force that will get things going in the right direction. And with the Virgo influence, the details won't get overlooked.
     The Sun is your ruler though and it's going into Gemini, your house of Friendships. The Sun rules this house and so you should feel very at home, especially with the people around you. Unexpected Fortune also applies to this house, as well as aspirations, hopes and wishes! Who do you want to surround yourself with? What tribe would you like to join? What fortunes and friendships are you open to receiving?

Virgo:  The Virgin

      You're going to be BUSY the next month! busy busy busy! Since April 8th you've been reliving the past with Saturn backing up into your sign. Now Mars is about to enter Virgo giving tons of energy to your practical plans. Mars doesn't like to get wrapped up in your details, so if you can let go of your pickiness and paint with broad stokes, you might get more done.The keyword for you is ACTION. Be like Nike and "just do it"!
       On the other side of your chart we have the Sun and Mercury entering your house of Career and Public Acclaim. You can make tremendous progress in your career over the next month. Don't be afraid to become visible, to stand out above the rest. It's a great time to set realistic goals and make them happen! Also, stay in touch with your friends. They can be a great source of warmth for you at this time.

Libra:  The Scales

      Of all the signs in the zodiac, yours will be experiencing the greatest attention from the cosmos in the upcoming months. I don't even know where to begin. You have Saturn (maturity) and Mars (force) doing a strange dance in your 12th house. The 12th is the house of spirituality, strength, humanity... but also psychological issues and secrets. It's where we hide out (or experience solitude). With Mars and Saturn here, you will experience an excavation that will impact your self esteem for the better. It will be a slow gradual shift, very subtle, but it will occur.
      In the midst of this transformation you will focus on your relationships - especially partnerships of all kinds. The people around you will become mirrors, creating a catalyst for the deeper transformations occurring in your 12th house. The way you experience the world and the people in it, is about to go through a revolutionary change.
Revolutionary and fortunate.

Scorpio:  The Scorpion

     Since last Fall, your ruler Mars has been sending tons of energy and support to your Career house. What does your worklife look like now after Mars has blazed a golden path through it? I bet you've experienced great progress, increase and accomplishment. On June 7th Mars will enter the sign of Virgo, shifting your focus to your Friends. Saturn has been hanging out there already, perhaps causing distance between you and those you love. Time to reconnect.
     Meanwhile Jupiter (Good fortune) is about to leave Pisces (Romance) for Aries (Work and Health). With all the drive you've had on career and love the past few months, now's the time to pay some attention to yourself, your social circle, and getting your house in order.

Sagittarius:  The Archer

      "Here comes the Sun" - straight into your House of Partnerships, while Jupiter, your ruler is setting his sights on Aries (House of Love). And so begins the sizzling hot summer for you Sagittarians. If you aren't matched up with anyone yet - don't be nervous about taking the initiative. Just go for it! If you're in a relationship, try to get creative and fun in the Romance department. It will go far with your mate.
      Career-wise Saturn is going backwards through your Career house just as Mars is walking through the door. Saturn will ask you to be careful and be sure of where you will land before taking any action regarding work. Mars is definitely on your side and will help you move forward with your ambitions.

Capricorn:  The Goat

      Mercury's retrograde through Taurus kept you back tracking through your relationship the last few weeks. Perhaps some ghosts from the past have reemerged, or you needed time for reflection on what's working and what does not fit. Now things are moving forward, hopefully with some new revelations under your belt. Communications will steadily improve so trust your path.
     Love and relationships continue to be the focus as Venus moves into Cancer (House of Partnership) this week! With Pluto the Volcano walking with you in Capricorn, you will make a huge impression in your social circles. However, try to keep your communications on the lighter side:) Pluto wants to deliver the brutal truth! Be aware of this or you might devastate the landscapes you're traveling through.

Aquarius:  The Water Bearer

      So how's your house? The latest Mercury retrograde hit you right where you live... literally. All the reassessing and restructuring is over now... you can hold hands with Mercury as he moves towards Gemini - your House of Love! Of course the Sun will be there this Thursday, so relationships are now in the spotlight.
     And there's a twist! Venus, planet of Love is moving into Cancer (your house of work and health). Hmmmm. Anyone at work strike your fancy? Proceed with caution 'cause it's a temporary thing. BUT it could be a great time to ask for that raise. All this before your ruler, Uranus, ignites your communications sector. Let the good times roll!

Pisces:  The Fishes

      The focus for you is YOU... basically. Jupiter (Good Luck and Fortune) is sending tremendous opportunity to you until June 6th so if there's anything you want... GO FOR IT!! What's on you "To Do" list? What would you really like to manifest for yourself right now? This happens once every 12 years. Focus on what you want to expand in yourself and your immediate environment (job, community, relationships). Changes have occurred in your life over the past few months that will lead you in the right direction; even if it hasn't felt like it.
      And Love is on your side: Venus, planet of Love and Beauty is entering Cancer (your house of romantic love and creativity) this Thursday, May 20th. Time to get out and strut your stuff. Get out and socialize as much as you can - it's a great time to meet new people!

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