Beltane ~ May 1st, 2011 ~ Flowers & Firepower

What a weekend. We started off with the Royal Wedding, today is BELTANE (one of the oldest, wildest, and most pagan of holidays), and then tonight we find out about the death of Osama Bin Laden. What a crazy turn of events.. and in just three days!

First, the wedding... my observation is that women seemed interested while the men wanted nothing to do with it. Not surprising:)

I see it as significant.

 It's the high point of Spring ~ flowers are blooming, most of us sneezing, birds raising their young... May 1st is when Celtic tradition states that the fairies return from the underground.

Beltane is the uniting of the May Queen with her consort the Green Man (who is about to become the King of Summer on June 21st). It's a festival of love, dedication, and purification ~ often symbolized by jumping a fire. Friday, also, is ruled by Venus and is traditionally the day of love. Is it a coincidence that Prince William and his bride chose Friday for their wedding? hhmmm I wonder...

As for the astrology of the event, William was born on June 21st which is the Summer Solstice. It's the time of greatest light of the year, days are longest and crops are reaching their peak. I find these facts to be more than coincidence. They point to a reconnection of the present with ancestral times. He's in line for the throne of England, and he truly is the pagan King of Summer. Also, Catherine is a Capricorn and William is a Cancerian which are polar opposites (sit directly opposite each other in the zodiac). They are a power couple, and they absolutely bring balance to each others' lives. According to Chinese Astrology, Catherine is a Metal Rooster and William a Water Dog ~ a fairly good match. I hope Catherine will not express the Rooster tendency of being critical and overly opinionated. Roosters DO love the spotlight, and the Dog (William) is loyal and will be protective of his family.

I do have a couple of concerns. For one thing, the Moon was Void-of-Course in Pisces all day Friday, which is not the best time to take vows. Energy is unstable during a void-of-course moon and anything can happen! When the moon shifts from Pisces to Aries, the atmosphere takes on a feeling of rebirth. I certainly felt that during the ceremony.

Also, if you check out the chart of the wedding below it shows some huge extremes. The majority of planets, including the Sun, are in the 10th House of Public Acclaim. This marriage will remain in the public eye, and the work they do together will be the important, uniting factor in their relationship. The 10th House and MC (Midheaven) are also in Aries which shows this couple will be pioneering, and will walk through life in their own individual way. They will set a great example for others. All of the major planets are in opposition with Saturn, the taskmaster. Saturn, the single planet opposing all of this, brings a sober and realistic view of the world and asks us to be disciplined and hard working. This marriage is heavily grounded in responsibility and organization, and might bring limits to the different aspects of their lives.

Further below I posted the chart of the death of Bin Laden down below. The same opposition with Saturn and the other planets is here, but in this chart the grouping of planets opposing Saturn are in the Eighth House ~ the House of death. Yikes. Read this page to learn more about the Eighth house...


  1. Chhi'med Drolma5/02/2011 1:14 pm

    Fun and informative post, thanks Liz!

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