Big Planet Shuffle

The first week of March sees huge planetary shifts occurring in every corner of the sky. 

The closest and most influential planets are changing motion or signs in these first seven days...

February 28: Mercury Direct in Aquarius (yay) Let those numerous, zany ideas take shape and fly.

March 1st: Mars Retrogrades in Libra until May 20th - Time to reassess your goals and plans for 2014. Make sure they are in line with your heart. Aim for balanced "win win" situations with the people involved. It's time to put some energy into the collective around you, rather than your own personal agenda. What's your intent? Be prepared for a bit of a slow down or delay in results. It's a good time to woodshed and hone your craft. And don't skimp on exercise routines or getting dolled up for social events. All of these things are important with Mars in Libra. Basically, turn yourself into Oscar Wilde for the next few months...

March 2: Saturn Retrogrades in Scorpio until July 20th - The planet of stability turns backwards and things may appear less stable than they are. Don't let your fears get the better of you. Focus on owning your stability from within and putting energy into creating your own security. Tie up loose ends.

March 5: Venus enters Aquarius. Over the last three months our relationships have either solidified or imploded under the weight of Capricorn's responsibility and commitment. Venus moving into Aquarius lightens the mood and inspires us to have some fun and eccentricity in our relationships and social circle.

March 6: Lilith moves into Leo until Dec. 3rd. Jupiter Direct in Cancer - With Mars in the sign of Art (Libra) it's a great time to do just that: your Art. Whatever that may be. Writing, painting, singing, cooking, playing music, interior decorating, gardening or sitting with friends. Lilith in Leo wants to stand out and be noticed, and Jupiter (Fortune) in the fertile sign of Cancer fills your mind with concepts and ideas. Let yourself loose and set your imagination free.

Our perspectives and priorities have completely shifted and we are now standing in a brand new ball park. There's a freshness and excitement in the air as we stand at the dawning of Spring.

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  1. Elizabeth Rose is one of the most talented astrologists I've come across. Thank you for your clarity! And helping me to mine! - Jocelyn