Black of the Moon

For the next few days the Moon will be at it's darkest point before the New Moon in Aries on Sunday. It's astrological New Year!! Aries is this first sign of the zodiac, so we're starting a new year long cycle. We are in the darkness before the dawn, the time when we feel soul urges. This is further enhanced by the Moon, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer.

This group of planets make a huge positive signature in the sky so make the most of it! It's a time
of endings and beginnings, and to get real about who and what you want to focus your energy on. Today and tomorrow are extremely intuitive and our instincts are sending us very clear messages - be sure and follow them.

The dark of the Moon is such a fruitful time. We are able to experience our connection to the universe, to our planet and to each other. The Silence is so huge that one can hear messages from the subconscious without having them drowned out by daily concerns. It makes me think of that Christmas song "Silent Night", that's the energy of it. Deep calm and quiet. If there's anything holding you back from rebirth, let it go today. Release blocks from your life and then celebrate on Sunday!!

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