New Moon in Gemini

We've lost someone very special today - Maya Angelou. I woman with such knowledge, intelligence, artistry and history!!! I've always admired her writing as well as her quiet dignity. She beamed confidence and strength, and was such a huge inspiration for all of us.

Interesting she would depart this world on a New Moon in Gemini too. It's the sign of the Writer. There is huge forward motion happening right now in the skies, so set your sights on what you want and go for it! Just like Maya did.

Mars has turned Direct in Libra, so our plans are catching fire after months of dithering back and forth! Aries and Scorpio people will really feel this shift. Also, Mercury (Gemini's ruler) is about to go Retrograde the first week of June so NOW is definitely the time to wrap up loose ends and solidify contracts or agreements.

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