Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio
Wednesday * 14th May 2014 * 03:16 pm PDT
Moon 23° 54' Scorpio

a convocation of witches.
1965–70;  apparently a contemporary borrowing of Old French esbat  amusement,  
diversion ( French ébat), derivative of esbattre  frolic, equivalent to es- ex- + battre  < 
Latin battuere  pound, beat; compareobsolete English esbatement  amusement

This is the witchiest moon of the year! It's happening tomorrow, but we are feeling the effects Now. The influence of this Full Moon will color most of the week. It's intense now that Venus has joined the Grand Cross between Pluto, Jupiter and Mars, plus Saturn is close to the Moon - it's a week of "getting real". If a corner of our life feels unauthentic it could really grate on us this week. However the best time to take action is after May 20th when Mars goes Direct.

Avoid social complications, although clearing the air and speaking the truth could come out no matter what you do! This is a time of deep, intuitive insights into our souls and relationships. Any undefined, romantic trysts or buried frustration could come up for healing like a volcano.

Scorpio is also related to the Phoenix, the bird of resurrection. Caroline Casey tells the story of how the Phoenix sings the most beautiful song in the world before it transforms itself. The whole world stops to listen to the song, as the Phoenix burns itself to the ground to be reborn from the ashes.

Try to keep a low profile this week, and focus on how to better your life. Don't start deep conversations or power struggles with people until you have let go of your anger and feel neutral. It's also a great week to pay attention to your dreams so put some lavender near your pillow.

From Wikipedia:

"An esbat /ˈɛsbæt/ is a coven meeting of other than one the Sabbats[1] within Wicca and other Wiccan-influenced forms of contemporary Paganism. Janet and Stewart Farrar describe esbats as an opportunity for a "love feast, healing work, psychic training and all."[2]


The term esbat is derived from Old French s'esbattre (Modern French ébat), meaning to frolic and amuse oneself, diversion.[3][4] It was a borrowing by 20th century anthropologist Margaret Murray's use of French witch trial sources on supposed Witches' Sabbaths in her attempts to "reconstruct" a Witch Cult in Western Europe.


An esbat is commonly understood to be a ritual observance on the night of a full moon.[5] However, the late high priestess Doreen Valiente distinguished between "full moon Esbat[s]" and other esbatic occasions.[6]
The term esbat in this sense was described by Margaret Murray.[7][8]
The Esbat differed from the Sabbat by being primarily for business. ... very often the Esbat was for sheer enjoyment only
—Murray, 1921

Phoenix Soul by ClintonKun

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