Autumnal Equinox

The Equinox arrives today at 7:29pm PDT.

Night and day are exactly the same length.

Today marks an astronomical transition point between Summer and Winter. It's the ancient Celtic festival of Meán Fómhair, or "Middle Harvest. This is the second harvest festival of the year, the first being Lammas (August 1st) and the third being Halloween (October 31st).

The seeds we have planted in the Spring are now coming to fruition. What have you been working on this year? What is coming to fruition in your life right now? It's harvest season, where we see the result of our labors. We reap what we have sown. Take Stock of what's around you.

"Libra Full Moon" by Alice Bailey 

Today we feel the turn of the wheel of the year. Standing in the middle of equal daylight to equal nighttime, we also look at BALANCE. Are we out of balance in our lives? Are we taking care of ourselves? Are we working hard but making time for our dreams and having fun too?  

Colors of the Season Orange, Dark Red, Yellow, Indigo, and Brown. Black and White.

This holiday was pivotal in ancient times, since a good final harvest was crucial to surviving the winter months ahead.  Relationships are reassessed so we can decide who is best to take into the harsh winter with us. If someone is draining your energy, now might be the time to let go.
This is also the time to welcome the season of the Crone.  In Greek mythology, Persephone goes to the Underworld to learn the secrets of the Crone.

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