New Moon in Libra and Pluto Direct

This artist's view shows Pluto center, and its large moon Charon, as well as two of its four smaller moons (at top left and right). Pluto's four tiny moons are Nix, Hydra, Kerberos and Styx. Credit: David A. Aguila 

Pluto is a Planet. It's not a 'dwarf planet" it's the real thing. I know this because it's been a staring me down the past couple of days. Pluto went Direct in Capricorn on Monday after months of retreading old territory. Pluto went Direct on Monday at 5:36pm Pacific.

Pluto = The Truth. Facing Reality. Illusions utterly destroyed, and submerged emotions and repressed feelings (sadness, resentment) bursting to the surface. It can feel like a volcanic eruption. Pluto rules the underworld - our psychological foundations. Anything we haven't wanted to deal with is now clearly visible. Any backroom dealings, covert actions or secretive alliances are exposed to the light of day. The playing field completely shifts. Pluto is INTENSE.

Pluto feels heavy. It's your soul coming up to speak with you. It's what you know in your heart to be true, and it can't be denied. Happy, deluded fantasies get the ax. It's good for us in the long run. Avoid resisting or manipulating people right now, it will backfire and drag your energy backwards. Focus on acceptance.

Uranus (Freedom) continues to square Pluto adding a dose of rebellion to the mix. Uranus will not allow us to stay stuck in old patterns, so the vibe is focused on Revolution.

Pluto brings up issues around other people's money (i.e. loans, banks), power struggles, triangles and control. But with the Sun's entrance into Libra, we add Pluto - relationship issues - death, birth, sex and divorce.

It's a New Moon in Libra today: Tuesday at 11:14pm.

Libra = Relationships, relationships, relationships.

Balance. The Scales. Justice!

Libra is the time of year when we weigh our relationships. With the Pluto influence, we are looking at how they effect our evolution. Any undercurrents in relationships now rise to the surface to be healed and dealt with. If a person or situation has been stuck, ambivalent, indecipherable or stalling, the Truth now shines forth. No need to jump into action, just observe your transition.

Eventually this eye opening energy leads to a huge rebirth. Pluto tears down and destroys to prepare for regeneration. The symbol of Pluto is the phoenix - the mythical bird that sets itself on fire to be reborn from the ashes. It's time to take that first step on a new road.

Tell me in the comments below what you've been experiencing this week!

From the Cosmic Intelligence Agency:
Where the Sun goes, so goes our personal and physical energy. So we've had quite a bit of focus on work, health, animals, and paperwork where we've been showing up and taking the lead while in Virgo. Now in Libra we begin to connect or focus on key people and balance, justice or equality. Libra rules the romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, advocates, specialists, experts, clients, audience, competitors, and opponents, so we begin our 30 day chapter pulled towards what we need to do personally or physically with them. It may involve our name, title, identity, body, brand, or image, as well as our personal needs. In 2 days we will get a New Moon here so the cosmos is going to get behind it for us if we are proactive. 

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