Tonight's Blood Moon Eclipse

Tonight at 11:30pm Pacific the skies will present a dramatic event - a Full Red Moon sailing overhead. It should be visible just about everywhere too. This is the first of four eclipses occurring over the next year - all in the signs of Libra and Aries. They are in accordance with the nodes of the Moon which are stimulating our relations with others and diminishing our need "to go it alone".

AND Mars will also be closest to the Earth tonight! In fact it should appear as a bright red star next to the Moon. This is the closest Mars has been to the Earth since January 2008 and will be at it's brightest. Personally, I'm a Scorpio and I dig the color red, so I'm looking forward to this tonight.

The Full Moon tonight occurs in the sign of Libra which symbolizes relationships and partnerships of all kinds - professional and personal. If there is some unresolved issue or tension that needs to be expressed, expect it to come up this week. It's a wonderful time to clear the air. But with Mars there, watch out for aggression and anger. The key to this Full Moon is DIPLOMACY and restoring BALANCE - key traits of the sign Libra. There's a feeling of fate and inspiration with relationships this month.

Unleash your assertive Martian drive on making your life better and helping others. Mars has strong convictions and wants things to happen NOW, while Libra inspires us to work together for the greater good of all.

And then there's the other thing - the Grand Cross on April 22 which really stirs the pot. The cross is formed by Pluto's opposition to Jupiter and Uranus's opposition to Mars. These are huge heavyweights in the sky which will ignite the events and timing in your life to enhance your evolution. You can come quietly or sit in resistance but change is happening either way. Best to embrace it! If you need a reading or healing I'm here :)

Pluto: Evolutionary change, catalyst in Capricorn: Hard work, ambition, (and the wealthy)
Jupiter: Expansion, Philanthropy, Optimism in Cancer: Fertility, Nurturing, Home

Uranus: Sudden Change, Invention, eccentricity in Aries: Spontaneity, Drive, Egoism
Mars: DRIVE, aggression, war, anger, courage in Libra: relationships, balance, harmony

...what a mess

It will be interesting how this effects each of us individually. Here's something I wrote about eclipses from 2011:

When the World falls under the influence of an eclipse, things are out of the ordinary. It's an uncommon time, and we have rare and insightful experiences. It's like walking around your darkened bedroom with a black light - things show up differently, and we see things in a way we don't normally see them. Some things are brighter and easier to see and some things fall into shadow.

Quite simply, I feel it is a time when we touch the foundations of why we are here on this planet. Each of us gains some new insight or information into the life we are currently leading. This information can come through anything - our family, friends, a situation at work, or a bolt of lightning straight from the heavens into our consciousness. When it's an eclipse, I always pay close attention to what happens that day, because there will be something synchronistic about it.

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