Full Moon in Capricorn

Today is a Full Super Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, as is Saturday, so the qualities of this full moon are very much apparent.
Saturn rules discipline, limitation, achievement, persistence, career - but mostly Responsibility. These are the issues that might come up today.

The "Super Moon" side of things just means these issues might be really in your face. No avoiding them anymore. We can also experience new clarity about our feelings and emotions. Saturn makes things crystal clear.

How far have you come since January when the Sun was in Capricorn? What have you achieved over the last six months? A Full Moon brings things to fruition, and Saturn means you will "Reap what you have Sown". Today you are experiencing the harvest of your endeavors.

Also, not a good day to confront authority figures, and ventures might be hard to get off the ground. Capricorn is about pushing through ANY obstacle, so don't be discouraged! Keep chugging away and you'll break through.

Remember the Goat can be merry too, so no harm in having some fun :)

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