Mars into Scorpio tonight

TODAY! Finally.

Mars (planet of drive, courage, ambition and creativity) is moving out of Libra and into Scorpio tonight at 7:25pm Pacific. This is a major development. Mars has been stuck in Libra since last December, asking us to think strategically and to work with others. These are admirable qualities of course, but the energy of Mars wants to plunge ahead. He doesn't like to be tactful and charming, so we've all felt a little stifled the last several months. This all changes tonight.

Mars in Scorpio is intensely creative, transformative, and of course sexual. This is a very primal sky event. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and so this is a nice placement for the fiery planet. Aries and Scorpio people will feel this shift the strongest - it's time for ACTION. All of us will notice the forward motion in our lives, and money and projects will begin to really flow again!

"Fatherland" by Alkemik

Here is a blurb from Cosmic Intelligence Agency:

Mars will soon feel better, stronger, faster and more virile! For all of us this translates to a surge in energy, a better focus and a greater and much deeper urge to go for it!. After what seemed like the longest stretch, Mars after the indecisions and extremes of Libra finally moves on and takes control of his own power and drive.  Yet we hope his long sentence in Libra has helped us to learn patience, diplomacy and at least some better manners. There is a reason for all our planetary transits, they keep us in check, teach and guide and help us to evolve toward better people and more fulfilled human beings, if indeed we heed the cosmic messages. Read about the transit that was Mars in Libra, to know what you’ve supposed to have integrated! And keep that in mind as you read on.
So watch out for what might be coming your way, or rising up from deep within. Anything pent up, will now get the guts to be released, as Mars acts instinctively in Scorpio to get things done. Mars represents our fight of flight instinct. Mars’ energy is sudden and impulsive, energetic and physical, Scorpio’s is intense and passionate and craves intimacy and trust. We begin to seek experiences that require trust, courage and confidence, accentuated by Jupiter now in Leo. Our inner warrior,  now becomes super impulsive, deeply emotional and sensitive and even finds the courage to confront what is dark and fearful. In Scorpio’s domain Mars is  encouraged to penetrate and probe, solve mysteries and uncover truths. It’s like a detective given a mission, who can’t stop  or rest until the job is done and all has been worked out, uncovered. Any lurking doubts about your motivations will rise like monsters to confront you. The hero within must confront his demons too, get them out of the way and sorted, that’s Scorpios’ job, before moving onto the freedom and adventure and truth of Sagittarius.
How will you release the creative force of Mars in Scorpio? Lots of potent potential lies within this combination, just remember it is better to make love, not War and create, not destroy, and it’s up to you if you decide to transform yourself, your drive and how you act or react on things. Move towards eliminating that which is no longer necessary in your life and in You!  Scorpio does highlight those we are most intimate or involved with or that which we are most passionate about, like a divine calling,  so empower yourself with positive passion and heat things your desire,  for Love and passion , Not war.

Julija Simas
Agent 12

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