Galactic Center post from Cosmic Intelligence-Agency

The Moon aligns with the Galactic centre opposite Mercury. Big thoughts, big ideas, big reasons to go beyond the norm, the everyday and local space to align with the great beyond, the bigger picture, the meaning and purpose of all there is, highlighting the polarity of opposites, Gemini and Sagittarius.
The Galactic Centre is the rotational centre of our Milky Way, (@28degrees Sagittarius) our galaxy and remember Mercury is still in shadow zone keeping us in the everyday, the mundane when all we really want is to able to fly free, liberated and explore the great beyond. Take a journey to untangle from the everyday reality if you can today, your mind will be grateful, it needs a holiday and some cosmic coaching.
Recap the Mercury retrograde cycle here, which finishes next week 16th July.... 
PHOTO CREDIT: 'Countryside Milky Way' by Eric Hines.

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