Full Moon in Aries

Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Extraordinariousness is happening in four hours here on the West Coast.

This Full Moon is in Aries (headstrong impulsive Me Me Me energy) very close to Uranus (shocking, sudden change or insight) and the South Node of the Moon (the Past haunting us).

If there is any sort of upheaval or sudden shifts in relationships going on this week, try to wait until next week or preferably November to take any real action. I MEAN it. Aries has to do with being a maverick and going your own way, but the current emphasis is on Working With Others. Try to be conciliatory and diplomatic with any tiffs that arise.

The ruler of Aries is Mars, currently trining Uranus and stirring up anger and impulsive action - it's a volatile mix. Plus the Sun in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn can cause issues with authority.

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